Senator Tim Scott Announces Engagement to Charleston Interior Designer, Mindy Noce


Key Takeaways:
– South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is engaged to Mindy Noce, a Charleston-area interior designer.
– Scott posted photos of the proposal on social media, which was accompanied by the caption “She said YES.”
– Mindy Noce, mother of three, appeared with Scott at a political event in November.
– Before getting engaged, Scott confirmed his support for Donald Trump as the GOP candidate for the upcoming presidential election.

South Carolina’s GOP Senator Finds Love

South Carolina’s 58-year-old Senator Tim Scott is ready to say goodbye to his bachelor status. The senator announced his engagement to Charleston-area interior designer Mindy Noce through a heartfelt post on social media late Sunday.

“The Proposal”

In the social media post, Scott shares two photos, one of him down on one knee proposing and the second highlighting Noce’s sparkling engagement ring. Scott warmly captioned the photos with, “She said YES,” proceeding to thank Mindy for making him “the luckiest man in the world.”

A Conservative Bachelor No More

This engagement announcement comes after the Washington Post reported in September about Scott’s single status raising questions among conservative voters. Responding to these concerns, Scott revealed he was in a relationship, albeit one he was not ready to publicly disclose. He expressed his intention of keeping his partner away from the limelight of his political career unless marriage was on the cards, stating, “I can’t imagine dragging her onto the campaign trail unless I have the intention of marrying her.”

“Mindy and Tim”

The close-knit relationship between the couple came to light when Noce appeared with Scott at a political event in November. Scott openly shared that he had been dating Noce, who is also a mother of three, for about a year, around the same time he suspended his brief bid for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

Scott’s Presidential Support

Just before proposing to Noce, Senator Scott voiced his support for Donald Trump as the GOP candidate for the forthcoming presidential election. This endorsement could potentially tip the scales in favor of Trump over former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

This political decision could have further implications, as the upcoming South Carolina Republican primary presents a face-off between Trump and Haley. Speculations are rife that Trump might reward Scott’s loyalty by offering him the vice presidential ticket.

The faith-filled senator further underscored his engagement announcement with a Bible verse from the book of Proverbs, revealing his evangelical roots and appealing to his substantial conservative base.

From Bachelor to Fiancé

Having navigated through quinquagenarian bachelorhood, the senator’s engagement to Noce stirs the conservative political landscape. Love has certainly found Senator Scott, who is looking forward to a life filled with marital bliss. The couple’s journey to the altar, intertwined with their political journey, will undoubtedly be captivating to watch.

As public interest around Scott’s personal and political life continues to grow, it’s clear that his engagement to Noce and his political support for Trump are milestones to remember in his career. The announcement certainly reinforces the politician’s image as a devoted conservative leader in love, not only with his state but also with his soon-to-be wife.