Apple Amplifies AI Focus For Future iPhones

Title: Apple Amplifies AI Focus For Future iPhones

Key takeaways:

– Apple is bolstering its artificial intelligence capabilities through acquisitions, hires, and hardware updates.
– The California-based tech giant has prioritised the technological challenge of implementing AI on mobile devices.
– In comparison to other Big Tech competitors, Apple emerged as the leading acquirer of AI startups, with 21 purchases since 2017.

Despite not making a lot of noise about it, Apple is powerfully expanding its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This strategy employs a mix of acquisitions, talent recruitment, and hardware revamps. The target? To integrate AI seamlessly into the subsequent generation of iPhones.

Investing in AI

An examination of industry data, academic research, and tech insider insights reveals that Apple’s prime focus is on addressing the complex technological hurdle of deploying AI on mobile devices. This is a track the company has chosen determinedly, outperforming rival Big Tech corporations in snapping up AI startups. The tech behemoth has acquired 21 such startups since 2017, as per research provided by PitchBook. The most recent in the acquisition lineup is WaveOne, a California-based startup that specialises in AI-powered video compression, purchased in early 2023.

Apple vs. Big Tech

It’s probably not news to anyone that Big Tech companies are in a frenzied race to the top, investing vast resources into AI. However, it may come as a surprise that Apple has taken a big lead in the number of AI startups purchased. In comparison to other tech giant counterparts, Apple’s relentless drive in bolstering its AI technology is showcased in its level of acquisitions since 2017.

Future iPhones with AI

Apple’s commitment to this AI-centric approach indicates that future iPhones will likely witness a vast improvement in AI capabilities. This development could provide iPhone users with a more personalized and efficient user experience.

Tech insiders’ insights

Insiders’ insights, combined with academic papers, substantiate Apple’s tech trajectory. Efforts are being made predominantly on one crucial aspect – running AI through mobile devices. The initiative to overcome this technology challenge adds another dimension to the iPhone’s potential.

Acquisitions and Beyond

Acquisitions such as the purchase of WaveOne form just a part of Apple’s AI-focused strategy. The company’s interest in hiring for AI-related roles and updating its hardware showcases the manifold and comprehensive approach it’s taking towards mastering AI.


While Apple continues its quiet march towards AI dominance, competitors in the tech sector play catch up. With its strategic acquisitions and new hires aimed at advancing AI capabilities, it’s pretty clear that the next line of iPhones will be packing quite an AI punch. Only time will tell how this strategy will impact Apple’s market position, and more importantly, its users’ iPhone experience.