Ex-con’s Alleged Severe Abuse Exposed Amid Discovery of Decomposed Body


Allegations of Brutal Abuse

Family members of a woman who allegedly suffered severe abuse at the hands of her ex-convict boyfriend are speaking out. Deshawn Owens, the alleged offender, was already in legal trouble when authorities made a gruesome discovery.\Key takeaways:
– 30-year-old Ex-con Deshawn Owens has been arrested, facing several charges.
– A decomposed body was found in one of his apartments.
– The alleged victim, his girlfriend, made serious abuse allegations.
– Family members of the victim call for life imprisonment for Deshawn.

Charges against Deshawn Owens

Owens, aged 30, has been charged with various crimes, including assault, strangulation, and unlawful imprisonment. These charges stem from his alleged kidnapping and assault of his 28-year-old girlfriend. He is yet to be charged in relation to the decomposed body found in his apartment.

Heinous Abuse Details Revealed

Bronx prosecutors allege between December 1 and January 19, Owens kept his girlfriend captive, using cable wires as bindings. In two different locations, the woman was allegedly subjected to horrifying abuse that resulted in two black eyes, multiple broken ribs, a punctured pancreas, and internal bleeding. The police also stated she had broken several bones in her hand.

Gruesome Discovery Causes More Concern

Following a 911 report regarding a foul smell emanating from an apartment connected to Owens, officers made a shocking discovery. A decomposed body was discovered in a trash can, covered in a plush fabric, in his East Tremont apartment. The decomposed state of the body has made establishing a cause of death challenging for investigators.

Victim’s Ordeal Detailed

According to a cousin of the victim, the extent of her ordeal is harrowing. The relative described the victim’s experience, stating, “He brutally attacked her every day, by beating her with wooden sticks, broomsticks, whatever he could. He kept her hostage in his apartment. We still don’t know why.” This abuse allegedly extended to forcing her to ask people for money.

Physical Consequences of the Ordeal

The physical impact of her ordeal is brutally apparent. According to the cousin, she suffered significant injuries including losing her pancreas, a kidney injury, several cuts, broken ribs, a broken right forearm, and a broken right shoulder.

Family Demands Harsh Punishment

Relatives have called for Owens to face severe consequences for his alleged actions. The victim’s uncle strongly believes Owens should be charged with attempted murder. The grandmother concurs, expressing her desire for Owens to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Owen’s Troubling History

Owens has a known history of robbing and physically abusing his partners. His criminal past and abusive conduct are now under the scanner once again. Despite this chilling allegation, he has yet to face additional charges associated with the decomposed body discovered in his apartment.