Bronx Man Tortures Girlfriend in Office Before Corpse Discovery in East Tremont

A former convict, Deshawn Owens, is being accused of turning a Bronx office building into a chilling torture chamber for his girlfriend and police have linked him with a decomposed corpse found in his apartment. The unassuming commercial building sat among banks, eateries and doctor’s offices on E.149th St in the Bronx.

Key Takeaways:
– The Bronx-based ex-con allegedly tortured his girlfriend over three days in a local office building.
– Police found a decomposed male body at the suspect’s East Tremont apartment.
– Owens faces charges including assault, strangulation, and unlawful imprisonment.
– The victim experienced broken ribs, a punctured pancreas, and internal bleeding.

Horrific Ordeal Revealed

On a determining day, employees turned up for work to find police at the office’s entrance. The office building located near Third Ave. in Mott Haven had shifted from a workspace to an alleged crime scene overnight. Workers were met with a shocking report of a hostage situation by a police officer.

Afterward, the police apprehended Owens, a 30-year-old ex-con, by the building. His girlfriend, visibly beaten up, was wheeled out with her chest and legs cloaked under a blanket. A horrific scene awaited the workers inside. Blood splatters covered the walls and junk food littered the crime scene. The aftermath was similar in a third-floor restroom.

The Relentless Abuser

Characterized by a history of robbing ex-girlfriends and a Superman logo tattoo, Owens now faces serious charges. His crimes include assault, strangulation, unlawful imprisonment and more for the brutal abduction and punishment of his girlfriend.

Bronx prosecutors add that Owens held his girlfriend captive from December. He tied her up with cable wires in their E. 179th St. apartment and subjected her to physical abuse.

Escape To The Empty Office

The abuse escalated when Owens relocated her to the Mott Haven office building on January 17. His girlfriend was smuggled into a vacant office on the second floor through an unlocked window. A building worker cited carelessness as the prime reason for the occurrence.

Alerted by a 911 assault call on January 19, the police discovered Owens and his violently abused girlfriend. The victim suffered two black eyes, broken ribs, a punctured pancreas, internal bleeding and broken hand bones.

A Chilling Discovery in East Tremont

In a follow-up investigation on January 20, a decomposed man’s body wrapped in fabric was found inside a trash can at Owens’ East Tremont apartment. The corpse was in such an advanced stage of decomposition that the cause of death is yet known.

Detectives have been brought in to establish if the traumatized woman knew about the presence of the corpse in the shared apartment. The motives that drove Owens to commit such gruesome acts remain a mystery. Whether it’s his behavioral pattern or some obscure motive that triggered these horrifying events remains to be discerned. His aggressive and aberrant behavior certainly pose grave concerns and demand legal actions following an exhaustive investigation.