‘Teen Mom’ Star Briana DeJesus Hints at Possible Pregnancy on Social Media

Key Takeaways:

– Briana DeJesus, the star of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter”, hints at a possible pregnancy on social media.
– This news follows her cryptic messages about starting something new in her life.
– DeJesus did not disclose the identity of the baby’s father, leading to much speculation.
– There has been mixed reactions from fans following the news.

Briana DeJesus, well-known from her appearance on MTV’s “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter”, has been sparking pregnancy rumors on her social media. The mother of two daughters, namely, Nova and Stella, has been causing a stir with her cryptic posts that suggest she may soon be expecting another child. While she stopped short of verifying the pregnancy, her posts could reveal more than just speculation.

Hints Dropped on Social Media

On January 25, DeJesus posted on her X page, “Can’t wait to have my man’s baby.” This cryptic message left her followers anticipating a possible pregnancy announcement. She also responded in assent when a woman stated, “I’d be excited and happy for you to have more kids. You’re a great mom to Nova and Stella already.”

Just two days later, DeJesus tweeted again, stating her exhaustion and hinting at ‘plans to start the spare room.’ It is common knowledge how parents-to-be often make room for a new-born. This has fueled the rumours even further. Besides, she took to Twitter about how sure she was about “God being proud” of her.

Mixed Reasons from Fans

Though the news was shared through a fan on a ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram fan page, the reactions of DeJesus’ possible pregnancy have been mixed. Some have derided her, suggesting she may be using this news to remain relevant in the media. Others have expressed concern, suggesting that she has been moving too quickly in her relationships.

Protecting Her New Relationship

In related news, DeJesus has been notably quiet about her recent relationships, particularly on Instagram. In April 2023, she shared a photo of a new beau on her Instagram story, but did not disclose his name. His Instagram page reveals him as a resident of Pennsylvania with connections to Florida, though it remains unclear if he’s the person DeJesus referred to as her ‘man’ in her tweets.

Overcoming Health Struggles

DeJesus has faced numerous health challenges, including polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This condition, as explained by John Hopkins Medicine, implies that the ovaries produce an abnormal amount of androgens, male sex hormones that are usually present in women in small amounts. This situation could potentially complicate her pregnancy.

In Conclusion

While the news of her potential third pregnancy has yet to be officially confirmed, Briana DeJesus’s recent posts strongly suggest an impending announcement. Whether this pregnancy hint proves to be true or not, it’s clear that DeJesus continues to captivate her audience’s attention with her candid and spontaneous social media posts. Fans of ‘Teen Mom’ and DeJesus herself will need to wait for an official confirmation before jumping to conclusions. Her journey from being a television personality to a mother of two, and possibly three, continues to interest and inspire many. Fans will be waiting with bated breath for any updates or confirmations from DeJesus herself.