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Study Claims Texas, Iowa, and New Hampshire Crowned With Most Narcissists in US


A recent study by Counseling Psychology found that Texas, Iowa, and New Hampshire are states with the highest levels of narcissism in America. The research captured Google search data over the last 12 months across all states and the 30 most populous cities.

Key Takeaways:

– Texas, Iowa, and New Hampshire have the highest reported cases of narcissism in the U.S., says a recent study.
– Counseling Psychology gathered and analyzed Google search data over the past year for the study.
– The most common query by Americans on the subject was, “Can narcissists change?”
– New York, Indianapolis, San Jose, and El Paso recorded the highest number of narcissists in U.S. cities.
– Nebraska, Washington D.C., Wyoming, and Hawaii showed the lowest numbers of suspect narcissists.

The Method of Determination

This ranking was established through the evaluation of search terms predominantly related to narcissism. The collection of data concentrated on four categories: understanding narcissists, narcissists in personal relationships, narcissists in families, and narcissists in the workplace. Through this approach, the study significantly evidenced how the term “narcissist” is increasingly utilized in everyday discussions and queries.

Ranking Cities and States

While the study discovered Texas, Iowa, and New Hampshire harbor the most narcissists overall, it also pinpointed major cities. It reported New York, Indianapolis, San Jose, and El Paso as the highest ranking cities in the U.S. for narcissists.

Common Relationships and Questions

The study revealed that “Moms, husbands, and boyfriends” were the relationships where narcissistic traits were most frequently perceived. The search data led to the primary question: “Can narcissists change?” This shows Americans’ interest in not only understanding the nature of narcissism but their drive towards resolving or improving relationships with suspected narcissists.

Relevance in the South

Southern residents are most likely to seek information about narcissists online, the study says. Texas, leading the pack, had an overall narcissist search score of 92.5 across all categories. The study concluded that Texans were most likely to learn more about narcissists and their behavior online, especially in the workplace.

States with the Least Narcissists

Based on the study’s model, states ranking lowest on the narcissists score included Nebraska, Washington D.C., Wyoming, and Hawaii. Full ranking details are available on the group’s website.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

According to the Mayo Clinic, narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition characterized by an unreasonably high sense of self-importance. People exhibiting this disorder may lack empathy, seek constant admiration, and are easily upset by slightest criticism. This disorder can impact various areas of life including relationships, work, school or financial matters.


This groundbreaking study has revealed trends, habits, and questions tied to the perception and understanding of narcissism, which can be beneficial for mental health professionals and individuals dealing with narcissists. But as this study shows, it is fundamental to realize that excessive references to narcissism may not always correlate with the number of actual narcissists. Rather, it could indicate the degree of efforts people are making to comprehend and cope with the behavior effectively.

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