Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory Claims Taylor Swift is an “Election Psyop”


Key Takeaways:

– A conspiracy theory claims Taylor Swift, a well-known pop star, is a Pentagon psychological operation, aiming to support President Biden’s re-election.
– The theory gains traction with the right-wing, MAGA-supporting crowd, despite a plethora of evidence debunking it.
– FOX News Host Jesse Watters has spurred the theory forward with baseless claims.
– Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s public relationship has added fuel to the conspiracy theory.
– The Pentagon has dismissed the accusation as a conspiracy theory, urging people to “shake it off.”

The Rewired Conspiracy Theory

An outrageous conspiracy theory has been making rounds, asserting that billionaire pop singer Taylor Swift is a Pentagon psychological operation. Its goal? To ensure President Biden’s re-election. Despite its absurdity, the right-wing, MAGA-supporting crowd, known for embracing fantastical scenarios with enthusiasm, gives this claim its growing momentum.

What’s the Theory About?

The theory suggests that Taylor Swift, amidst her busy schedule of 151 Eras Tour performances, has teamed up with the Deep State defense contractors. Their alleged mission? To fortify her relationship with Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and catapult them into widespread recognition. Consequently, this credibility would bolster the impact of Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Biden, potentially securing his re-election.

Debunking the Theory

Let’s disregard for a moment that Swift, one of the planet’s most famous individuals, already endorsed Biden in back in 2020. Or that Kelce is acclaimed as the NFL’s top tight end and his team, the Chiefs, has made it to the Super Bowl four times in the last five years. Conspiracy believers appear unfazed by these facts.

A Baseless Premise

The unfounded premise picked up steam the moment Jesse Watters, host of a primetime show on Fox News, pondered on air about the pop singer’s sudden rise of fame – a fame that she has enjoyed for years. He presented a video at his disposal, showing a Johns Hopkins University research engineer at a NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence conference in Estonia, recommending that online communities could join forces with influencers like Swift to counteract misinformation.

Misinterpretation or Misinformation?

Although the conference speaker is not a government employee nor a member of the Pentagon’s psychological operations unit, Watters erroneously portrayed her as proposing turning Swift into a Pentagon asset. This misinterpretation bolstered the conspiracy theory further. To this, the Pentagon retorted cheekily, saying they’ll “shake it off,” alluding to Swift’s hit song.

Conspiracy Amplifiers

As Swift and Kelce’s relationship received more public attention, and the Chiefs clinched another AFC championship win, stalwarts of the conspiracy theory declared their theory as demonstrated truth. Notable theory proponents include right-wing personality Jack Lombardi, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and the preferred spokesperson of white supremacists, Jack Posobiec. Each of them seems dedicated to advancing an agenda aimed at manipulating their followers’ perceptions about Swift, Kelce, and the upcoming election.

Distorting Reality

Fox News and its ilk continue this distortion of reality not only to keep MAGA supporters riled up, but also to maintain their ratings, selling fear and delusion as nightly entertainment. This conspiratorial playbook seems to feed their viewers with constant anxieties, ensuring they remain hooked to their narrative.

In Conclusion

This bizarre narrative serves as a cautionary tale about the lengths to which some may go to validate their political preferences. With critical thinking often in short supply, it seems anyone—be they a pop star or a football player—can be a pawn in the game of politics.