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Nikki Haley Remains Behind Trump in Home State Polls

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Key Takeaways:
– Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley lags behind Donald Trump by 26% in recent South Carolina polls.
– Trump leads with 58% Republican approval vs 32% for Haley according to the Monmouth University-Washington Post poll.
– Despite the gap, Haley plans to remain in the Republican primary race through Super Tuesday.

In a strong and vivid display of Republican sentiment in South Carolina, former President Donald Trump outpaces former SC Governor Nikki Haley by a noteworthy 26%. A recent Monmouth University-Washington Post poll reveals Trump’s command over the ‘first-in-the-South’ Republican primary state with 58% support compared to Haley’s 32%.

Unflinching Trump Support

These numbers coincide with trends seen in other polling data following Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary earlier. Trump’s lead is backed by significant numbers of Republican voters defining themselves as ‘strong Republicans’, ‘very conservative’, and those that maintain the unfounded belief that President Biden did not win the 2020 election legitimately.

Haley’s Supporters

Despite being well behind, Haley does hold sway within certain voter demographics. Among those defining themselves as moderate and liberal, or in favor of abortion rights, Haley holds a firm lead. Also, in a slim margin, she leads among those with at least a college degree. This composition of supporters aligns with the demographics that helped her to a respectable 43% to 54% margin against Trump in the New Hampshire run.

A Different Race for Haley

While the race results in New Hampshire were respectable, Haley faces a steeper climb in South Carolina. The state has fewer educated and independent-minded voters, a key demographic for Haley. Her campaign, however, remains hopeful. They are working to persuade some Democrats and independents to forgo the Feb. 3 Democratic primary and cast their votes for Haley in the GOP contest, which is allowed in the state.

Haley vs Biden

A spirited Haley aims to continue her campaign till at least the Super Tuesday primaries, which follow 10 days post the South Carolina contest. She’s focusing on fundraising efforts to fuel her underdog campaign and is quick to point out polls that indicate her stronger position against Biden in a general election when compared to Trump.

Trump’s Confidence

Meanwhile, Trump, enriched by wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, is confident that Republican voters want him as their nominee for the third consecutive time. He publicly called for Haley to step down and his allies vow to ‘teach her a harsh lesson’ in South Carolina if she decides to soldier on.

Regardless of how the South Carolina contest shapes up, it promises to deliver several defining moments. With spirited campaigning from Haley and Trump’s established voter base, the race will undoubtedly dissect various Republican viewpoints as the countdown to the Feb. 24 primary continues.

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