NBC Greenlights “Suits: LA” Spinoff Amid Netflix-Fueled Popularity Surge

Key Takeaways:
– NBC has given a pilot order to a spinoff of the popular show “Suits,” tentatively titled “Suits: LA.”
– The production will start in Vancouver next month.
– The new version, set in Los Angeles, focuses on a former federal prosecutor and his affluent clientele.
– This decision follows the original “Suits” series, finding renewed popularity on Netflix.

NBC Gears up for Production of “Suits: LA”

The television landscape is priming for an LA spin on the former Manhattan-set legal dramedy, “Suits.” With the recent resurgence of the show’s popularity owing to Netflix, NBC has ordered a pilot for this new iteration titled “Suits: LA.” The production wheels are set to start rolling as early as next month in Vancouver, according to industry insiders cited by Variety.

Drama Shifts West to Los Angeles

Breaking away from the original series set-up, “Suits: LA” will not be trailing white-collar attorneys in Manhattan. Instead, the focus shifts westward to Los Angeles, bringing in former federal prosecutor Ted Black as the main character. The narrative revolves around Black’s influential LA clients and powerhouse firm teetering on the brink of a crisis.

Awaiting to Unravel the Past

Described by Variety, Black’s return as a prosecutor represents a role he once vehemently detested in his entire career. Surrounding him is an impressive entourage of characters constantly testing their loyalty to both Black and each other, while juggling the inevitable professional and personal crossover.

As the storyline develops, it promises to unveil past events that lead Black to abandon everything and everyone he cherished, thus adding suspense to the plot.

“Suits” Resurgence, a Boon for Executive Producer

The approval for the new “Suits: LA” pilot from NBC corroborates previous rumors about the show’s executive producer, Aaron Korsh, developing a spinoff. The news comes after his plans to create an offshoot for USA’s parent company following the brief run of the 2019 series, “Pearson.”

“Suits’’ Worldwide Success

Besides finding a new audience via streaming, “Suits” has also been successful internationally. Adaptations of the drama have been made in Korea, Japan, and Egypt, showcasing its global appeal.

Meghan Markle’s “Suits” Legacy

“Suits” also holds significance as the stepping stone for Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s acting career. Earlier in her career, Markle played the character of Rachel Zane, a paralegal and love interest of the leading actor, Patrick J Adams. She bid her farewell to the series in 2018 when she became part of the British Royal family, but continues to maintain a friendly relationship with her former co-star.


The appeal of “Suits” appears to remain undeterred, with its newfound success on Netflix paving the way for “Suits: LA.” Revolving around a different set of characters and location, the spinoff looks to provide a fresh perspective while maintaining the essence of the original series. Fans of the show wait in anticipation to see if “Suits: LA” will live up to or surpass the reputation of its predecessor.