Raspberry Pi Aims for London IPO to Double Non-profit Efforts


Key Takeaways:

• Raspberry Pi has plans for an initial public offering (IPO) in London, which is expected to magnify its non-profit operations.
• CEO Eben Upton ensures that Raspberry Pi’s commitment to its users and operations will remain unaltered post-IPO.
• The tech firm has hired the services of London firms Peel Hunt and Jefferies to support the preparation for the IPO.
• Raspberry Pi has previously received funding from Sony and ARM.

Raspberry Pi, the popular British technology company, is reportedly preparing to go public via an initial public offering (IPO) on the London Stock Exchange. According to its CEO, Eben Upton, the potential move will help fuel further expansion of the company’s non-profit wing, doubling its current size.

​Steady Future Operations

In an interview with Ars, Upton sought to reassure enthusiasts of the Raspberry Pi technology. He confirmed that, in his continued role as CEO, he anticipates no notable shift in the company’s current operations. Despite the foreseeable surge in its commercial endeavors, Raspberry Pi’s dedication to pursing and advocating for technology’s application for public good remains a priority.

Preparing for the IPO

As per reports from Bloomberg News, Raspberry Pi has engaged the services of Peel Hunt and Jefferies, two known London-based firms, to facilitate its entry into the public marketplace. While there has been speculation about a possible IPO since 2021, this recent announcement solidifies the company’s plans in this direction. The IPO is expected to kick-start once the IPO market reopens.

Previous Fundraisers and Company Valuation

Prior to this move, Raspberry Pi has successfully raised funds from industry giants such as Sony and ARM, a leading semiconductor and software design firm. In November 2023, ARM secured a minority stake in the company, leading to Raspberry Pi being valued at approximately £400 million, or slightly over $500 million.

Despite previous hearsay about a potential IPO in 2021, Upton neither confirmed nor refuted the rumors at the time. However, with this recent confirmation of the planned IPO in London, Raspberry Pi aims to enter a new phase of expansion and growth.

Forward Thinking

Raspberry Pi, since its inception, has curated an impressive niche for itself in the technology sector. Its low-cost, high-performance computers have not only captured the imaginations of tech enthusiasts worldwide, but also facilitated a wide array of educational and technological developments. With this proposed IPO, the company is setting a solid financial foundation to propel its non-profit missions forward.

If this move proves successful, this could set a new standard for tech companies balancing profitable business with non-profit objectives. Raspberry Pi’s anticipated IPO in London would not only potentially increase its market valuation but also reaffirm its commitment to advancing technology access and education for the wider public.

In the evolving landscape of the tech world, striking a balance between commercial success and public good can be a challenging task. However, with this strategic move, Raspberry Pi evidently showcases its commitment to both its bottom line and its larger, altruistic objectives.

While we watch how the company’s plans unfold, one thing remains clear – Raspberry Pi continues to break barriers, ever reinforcing its position as a major player in the tech world and beyond.