Elden Ring Mobile Game Boasts Free-to-Play Model, Tencent Plans

Key Takeaways:

– Chinese firm Tencent is reportedly developing a free-to-play mobile version of the popular game Elden Ring.
– Slow progress has been reported in the development so far.
– The new game could possibly follow the play/pay model of Genshin Impact.
– Tencent owns a 16% stake in FromSoftware, the maker of Elden Ring and Dark Souls.

The celebrated game Elden Ring, revered by its fans for presenting a noble struggle, is reportedly in the process of being made into a free-to-play mobile game. This development is being spearheaded by Tencent, the Chinese corporation owning a 16% stake in Elden Ring and Dark Souls’ creator, FromSoftware.

Tencent’s Vision for Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s hardcore fanbase appreciates the game for its tough but rewarding gameplay. It requires fine-tuning reactions, developing strategies, and putting effort into memorizing boss patterns. All these elements serve the purpose of outnumbering constant deaths in a grim, unforgiving landscape.

Tencent, however, envisions Elden Ring as a new playground to leverage the free-to-play gaming model. They aim to introduce in-app purchases and booster packs into the game. While this is a common strategy for mobile games, it remains to be seen how well it resonates with Elden Ring’s nature and setting.

Developing a Mobile Adaptation

As per a news report from Reuters, the adaptation of Elden Ring into a mobile game is presently a work in-progress. Three individuals familiar with the project conveyed that progress so far, has been slow. Nonetheless, the game will be a free-to-play model and will provide in-app purchases. There’s a buzz that the upcoming game’s pay-to-play model might bear similarities with miHoYo’s Genshin Impact.

Creating a Harmony between Gameplay and Monetization

The challenge rests in integrating in-app purchases and booster packs into the game’s lore and mechanics. Such micro-transactions must not interfere with the gaming experience and should be closely aligned with the current in-game scenario.

Developers need to ensure the free-to-play elements complement Elden Ring’s otherwise challenging and intense gameplay. If not handled properly, this could lead to a disconnect between Elden Ring’s original fans and the new mobile adopters, turning this ambitious project into a misstep.


While the free-to-play model has been successful for many mobile games, it’ll need finesse to work in Elden Ring. Creating an experience that is both rewarding for the players and profitable for the developers will be key. As the gaming community anticipates the mobile adaptation of Elden Ring, it hopes that Tencent maintains the integrity of the original game’s experience, even while introducing a new monetization model.