Jenelle Evans Dissatisfactions with “Teen Mom” Franchise Emerge

Title: Jenelle Evans Dissatisfactions with “Teen Mom” Franchise Emerge

Key Takeaways:

– Jenelle Evans expressed her displeasure with the “Teen Mom” franchise on Facebook, hinting at the negative effects on her family and mental health.
– Evans commented on how MTV neglects to pay for reruns or royalties despite continued income generation from the series.
– She related her feelings to the recent news of Ashley Jones’ departure from the show.
– Evans also called for the cancellation of “Teen Mom.”

Jenelle Evans, a former star of ‘Teen Mom,’ has recently expressed her true thoughts and feelings about the popular MTV franchise. Providing a glimpse of the show’s impacts on her, both familial and personal, she outlined her experiences in a detailed Facebook post on February 6.

Effects of the Franchise on Evans’ Family and Mental Health

Evans voiced her concerns over the franchise’s disregard for the well-being of herself and her family, including their mental health. She pointed out the disparity of concern and support from the producers. “They look at you as ‘Talent’ and nothing more. They don’t care about your family, about your income, about your well-being, and definitely don’t care about your mental health,” Evans wrote.

She further revealed that she had asked the network for help with mental health facility locations and scholarships due to the show’s detrimental effects on her family. Unfortunately, her requests were left unattended. “They left me hanging and didn’t care about one of the main children that helped start this franchise,” she added.

Lack of Compensation for Reruns and Royalties

Touching on the financial aspects of her “Teen Mom” affiliation, Evans revealed she, or her family, did not receive payment for reruns or royalties, despite the show being broadcast on platforms like Netflix and Hulu. She pointed out the unfairness of this arrangement as Viacom continues to profit from old seasons under her name.

Relating to Ashley Jones’ Reported Departure

As news trickled in about Ashley Jones not returning to “Teen Mom,” reported by fan site TeenMomFanz, Evans used her own experience to likely express an understanding. Offering her perspective, she wrote, “no one knows… MTV let them hanging like everyone else.”

**Call to Cancel ‘Teen Mom’**

In her Facebook post, Evans called for the cancellation of the MTV series. According to her, she removed herself from the show to pursue a more private life, clarifying an earlier misconception that she was fired.

She accused the producers of manipulating the relationships within her family for the show, escalating conflicts and causing detrimental psychological impact. Given her unhappy experiences, she believes the series should be terminated. “Sadly, that industry is all about business. #CancelTeemMom,” she concluded.

In summary, Jenelle Evans has put forth several grievances – the lack of support for mental health issues induced by the show, no financial reward for reruns or royalties and the unnecessary familial discord instigated by the franchise. Her disappointment is clear and the call for the cancellation of ‘Teen Mom’ resonates in her post. Whether her revelations will lead to any changes in the way the MTV franchise operates, remains to be seen.