Jonathan Majors’ Domestic Violence Sentencing Postponed

Jonathan Majors' sentencing hearing did not progress as initially planned.

Key Takeaways:
• Jonathan Majors’ sentencing hearing did not progress as initially planned.
• The actor’s defense team file a motion to dismiss the December verdict of guilt in his domestic violence case.
• Judge Michael Gaffey sets a new date for sentencing, with a deadline for prosecutors to respond to the aforementioned motion.
• Majors faces a potential one-year jail term.
• The actor has been dropped from all upcoming Disney and Marvel projects.

Sentencing Delay in Actor Jonathan Majors’ Domestic Violence Case

The sentencing of Jonathan Majors, known for his role in “Creed III,” was put on hold this Tuesday. The delay came after his defense team requested a judge to overturn the guilty verdict from the actor’s domestic violence case.

Motion to Set Aside Verdict

In December, a jury convicted Majors for a March 2023 assault on his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The verdict surfaced during a virtual five-minute hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court. In response, his lawyers appealed for a reversal of the verdict. Subsequently, this appeal could not be accessed by the media due to limitations set by both the defense lawyers and state court administrators.

Judge Gives Prosecutors Time to Respond

Superior Judge Michael Gaffey ordered prosecutors to submit a response to the defense’s motion by next month. He announced his intention to make a ruling on the appeal by April 1. Consequently, the judge rescheduled Majors’ sentencing to April 8. If the verdict stands post-hearing, Majors may face up to one year in jail.

Details from the Trial

The jury returned a split verdict on December 18, convicting Majors of misdemeanor assault in the third-degree and second-degree harassment. The accusations stem from an altercation that occurred in a private vehicle in lower Manhattan on March 25. Majors, also notable for his role in “Lovecraft Country,” was found to have recklessly assaulted and harassed his ex-girlfriend. However, Major was acquitted of intentional assault and aggravated harassment charges.

Evidence and Countering Views

The evidence highlighted at the trial included Jabbari’s injury photos, showing her broken finger and a wound behind her ear. Additional evidence comprised CCTV footage capturing the argument in the rear of an SUV at a busy intersection. Jabbari, a British choreographer, testified that Majors had assaulted her before, causing her to fear him due to his potentially threatening behavior during their frequent arguments.

The defense chairman argued that Jabbari was an unreliable witness who was unstable, jealous, and dishonest. Further, they suggested that Majors was a victim of a prejudiced criminal justice system.

Major’s Reaction and Project Cancellations

Following his conviction, Majors expressed his disbelief during an ABC interview, questioning the possibility of the verdict in light of the evidence presented. As a result of his conviction, entertainment conglomerates Marvel and Disney dismissed the actor from all forthcoming projects.