Apple Eyes Foldable iPhone Development, Likely Post-2025 Release

Apple is actively developing a foldable iPhone internally.

Key Takeaways:
– Reported internal development of a foldable iPhone by Apple
– The foldable iPhone is said to follow Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip clamshell-style design
– Uncertainty surrounds the project’s final realization due to design challenges
– A potential market release may not happen until after 2025

If the tech industry’s grapevine is correct, Apple is delving into the foldable smartphone market. According to an insider source speaking to The Information, Apple is actively developing a foldable iPhone internally.

The Clamshell-Style Design

Apple’s foldable phone isn’t a tablet morphing device like the Galaxy Z Fold or Google’s Pixel Fold. Instead, it is said to resemble Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, embracing the clamshell-style folding mechanism. However, this project is purportedly in its infancy and could potentially be axed. Should the foldable iPhone see the light of the day, it is estimated that it wouldn’t hit the market until after 2025.

Design Challenges Hurdles

As intriguing as Apple’s foray into foldable tech sounds, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. The road to developing a foldable phone is strewn with design challenges. Chief among these is the thickness of the phone when folded. The device needs to maintain sleekness and portability, fundamental facets of Apple’s design philosophy.

The product’s durability is also a significant question. Ensuring the foldable iPhone can withstand daily wear and tear and screen-related issues, notably the prominent seam down the middle of the display, are issues Apple engineers are grappling with.

Furthermore, solutions to these challenges would, in all likelihood, result in the iPhone’s foldable version costing more than its non-foldable counterparts.

The Hinge Hitch

The hinge, the critical mechanism that allows a phone to fold, isn’t easy to perfect either. The challenge is particularly pertinent for an iPad-sized device, where a hinge could prevent it from sitting flat on a table. However, this hasn’t deterred the tech company before, with Apple introducing substantial camera bumps on its tablets and phones.

No two ways around it, designing a foldable device presents Apple with a basket of design quandaries. But if anyone can reinvent the wheel in the tech world, it’s Apple, known for pushing the envelope with its products.

Future of the Foldable iPhone

Nevertheless, the foldable iPhone remains hypothetical at this point, and there’s no guarantee it will graduate off the drawing board. The only certainty is that should the foldable iPhone make it to production, a release before 2025 seems unlikely.


It appears that Apple is keen on joining the foldable technology bandwagon, at least behind closed doors. But the list of design challenges and potential for project cancellation adds a layer of mystery. As observers, we can only wait and see how it unfolds. If successful, Apple’s foldable iPhone could be a game-changer and a worthy contender in the dynamic foldable smartphone market.