Queens Store Raided by Thieves Masked and Hooded, $700 in Receipts Along With Valuables Grabbed

Key Takeaways:

– Four thieves, wearing surgical masks and hoodies, raided Home Chef Catering, Queens
– One of them jumped behind a food counter to steal $700 in receipts and valuables from workers
– The thieves are still at large and police are seeking public assistance

On a late Tuesday evening, a group of four masked thieves made a daring raid on a Queens store. The culprits, all clad in surgical masks and hoodies, were caught on video robbing Home Chef Catering, a popular Guyanese restaurant in Briarwood. The unidentified men swiftly entered the local dining hotspot, hitting their target and escaping with a respectable sum, access to detailed surveillance footage has made tracking down the store raiders a priority for local law enforcement.

Surveillance Video Reveals Bold Theft

Getting straight to business at around 10:45 p.m., three of the criminals boldly dashed behind a food counter. The space, usually reserved for arranging a variety of culinary delights, became the scene of this audacious theft with one of the thieves brandishing a firearm as they cornered store employees. A fourth member of the quartet stood by the door, ensuring a quick exit. He later hopped over the counter to assist his partners in crime, as evident from the store’s security camera recordings.

Robbery Aftermath: Valuables and Cash Swiped

The thieves successfully made away with $700 in cash. The haul didn’t stop there, as they also took a cellphone and numerous items from the store’s shelves. After their quick and dirty operation, they fled the scene in a dark-colored sedan, slipping away into the night unnoticed.

While the employees were visibly shaken, there were thankfully no reports of injuries following the incident.

Work Resumes But Details Remain Scarce

Still standing shell-shocked after the robbery, one of the employees at Home Chef Catering, known amongst locals for their prepared Guyanese meals, declined to comment about the incident when approached by our reporters.

The authorities, in their efforts to catch the perpetrators, have released a brief description of the quartet, identifying them as Black men, approximately 5-foot-6 in stature and weighing around 145 pounds each.

Urgent Appeal for Information

New York’s finest are keen to apprehend the criminals and are appealing to the public for assistance. The police urge anyone with potentially valuable information regarding the robber’s whereabouts to contact NYPD Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. It was further reiterated that all calls received will be kept strictly confidential as the investigation continues to unfold.

Vigilance Urged Among Local Businesses

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and maintaining robust security systems in businesses of all scale. The swift and bold actions of these thieves highlight the threat that potentially lurks in our neighborhoods, showing us that crime can strike anywhere and at any time.

Proper surveillance systems undoubtedly have their advantages, as clearly seen in this case where it potentially holds the key to finding the culprits. Prioritizing employee safety and emergency preparedness might just prove decisive in mitigating such threats in the future.

In such unsettling times, let’s hope that quick and precise action by law enforcement can bring these criminals to justice, reestablishing a sense of peace and safety in our beloved Queens neighborhood.



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