Concerns Rise Over Politicization of US Justice System

Key Takeaways:
– Recent polls suggest “Threats to Democracy” is a significant concern among Americans.
– Public trust in the US Justice System is declining due to perceived political instrumentation.
– Cases against Donald Trump and Joe Biden exemplify the politicization of the justice system.
– Critics suggest reforms in the system where independent reviewers assure the neutrality of the law.
– Recognized figures in the justice system are called upon to transcend partisan politics and carry out principled, unbiased actions.

Rising Alarm Over Democracy Threats

In recent times, the focus of American citizens’ concerns has shifted significantly, with the latest polls conveying a growing worry about “Threats to Democracy.” This broad-based concern seems to be internal, stemming from the citizens themselves, rather than an external source.

Partisanship in the Justice System

What has been particularly startling is how perceptions regarding the US justice system are changing. Once seen by many Americans as the bulwark of democracy, it’s now viewed as a tool for political maneuvering. Numerous instances have cropped up lately that sources indicate may have fueled this altered perception.

The Democrats, for one, accuse former President Donald Trump and Bill Barr of resorting to political chicanery. They contend that these individuals have planted politically biased judges on the federal bench.

Countering this, Republicans point to the criminal prosecution of Trump by Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, describing it as politically charged. The New York Attorney General Tish James’ legal action against Trump is another incidence that’s raised eyebrows for the same reason.

Political Power Plays Undermine Trust

The political maneuvering isn’t only confined to the Trump trials. The decision to move his trial date to ensure a verdict before the Presidential election was a move criticized by many. And more recently, Special Counsel’s decision to absolve President Biden in the classified document case, while making a controversial comment about his psychological health, added to the public unease.

There have also been concerns about the behavior of high-ranking officials within the justice system. The Former Governor of New York has revealed some of these instances. For example, he highlighted how he became a victim of a politicized process where his procedural rights were dismissed, contradictory evidence hidden, and his everyday interactions used against him.

The Justice System in Need of a Fix

There has been an argument suggesting that the issue at the core of these problems lies in the design of the justice system. Other nations often favor career civil servants as prosecutors. However, in the U.S., political bookmarks often choose prosecutors. Unfortunately, this system may encourage prosecutors to please the endorsing hand, somewhat tainting the system’s neutrality.

Hope in Independent Reviewers

Fixing this pressing issue isn’t unachievable. Allowing more room for independent reviewers such as competent, unbiased journalists, principled statesmen, and credible legal professionals, could offer a solution. Encouraging these individuals to speak up and transcend petty personal agendas is crucial in restoring public trust.

However, the present trend appears to be steering away from this idealistic setup, as with recent Presidential candidates. The politicization of US’s justice system remains a grave concern. The ongoing public cynicism toward the country’s justice processes accentuates this reality.

The time for decisive action is now. America, despite the currently worrying scenario, is not a banana republic, and critical strides must be made to restore the integrity of the justice system. High-profile politicians and respected professionals in the field have a prominent role in this mission, representing the nation’s hope.