Billy Joel Delivers First New Track in 17 Years with an AI-Infused Video

Key Takeaways:

– Billy Joel has released his first new track in 17 years, complete with a music video featuring artificial intelligence (AI).
– The video for “Turn the Lights Back On” showcases Joel’s young self, created with technology from Deep Voodoo.
– The song’s release coincides with the end of Joel’s decade-long residency at Madison Square Garden in July, with his 150th show.

Returning to the Spotlight with Artificial Intelligence

New York’s own Billy Joel, a celebrated icon of the music industry, has made a triumphant return with the release of his first new track in 17 years. Coupled with its release is a technological marvel – a music video featuring heavily on AI.

The music video was put together by Deep Voodoo, an artificial intelligence startup. Its cinematic execution was courtesy of notable filmmakers Warren Fu and Freddy Wexler. The video takes a leap back in time, embodying the youthful Joel, created using AI, performing the new single.

The Story Behind the Song

“Turn the Lights Back On” has a nostalgic depth to it, opening with Joel thumbing through a notebook exhibiting lyrics from his 1993 song “Famous Last Words”. Trailing through the remnants of his past, Joel lands on a blank page signifying the birth of his new song.

The subtle connection to “Famous Last Words” wasn’t random. This song was the closing track of “River of Dreams,” Joel’s last pop album. The link was cleverly anticipated last month when Joel announced he would be releasing “Turn the Lights Back On.”

A Milestone Grammy Performance

The song arrived just in time for an unforgettable performance. Mere days after the release, Joel took to the Grammys stage, performing the new track to a captive audience. Even Trevor Noah, the host of the evening, acknowledged Joel’s song as “worth the wait.”

Closing One Chapter; Ready for the Next

As the New York native welcomes his newest track into the world, he also prepares for an ending. Joel is approaching the end of his residency at Madison Square Garden. In July, he will perform his final show at the venue, marking his 150th lifetime show there – an impressive feat marking the end of a decade-long era.

The age-defying 74-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down. Acknowledging the conclusion of his residency, Joel expressed his disbelief, “It’s hard to believe we’ve been able to do this for 10 years. It keeps selling and people keep coming and buying tickets.”

Joel’s Journey in Music

From his last track “All My Life” in 2007, Joel has been away from the recording studio for some time. Although his last jazzy hit was well-received, it has been years since fans have heard new material. Now, “Turn the Lights Back On” promises to satisfy the fans who’ve been patiently waiting.

Billy Joel’s latest endeavor fuses the old with the new, integrating impressive artificial intelligence within the music video and bringing fans back to decades of Joel’s iconic music. With a blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology, it truly is a return worthy of a performer of Joel’s caliber. It’s safe to say Joel has switched the lights back on and shows no signs of ’em dimming anytime soon!

Summarizing the Sensational Return

As Billy Joel concludes his triumphant residency at Madison Square Garden and at the same time releases new music after 17 years, one thing remains clear: his ability to captivate audiences is timeless. Whether it’s through subtly nostalgic lyrics or next-gen AI music videos, the charm of the Piano Man endures. With the lights now turned back on, fans eagerly await the next chapter in Joel’s illustrious career.