Tyron Smith Could Boost Kansas City Chiefs as Coveted Free Agent Amid Dallas Cowboys Uncertainty

Key Takeaways:
– Tyron Smith, the longest-tenured player on the Dallas Cowboys roster, could become a prime free agent.
– Despite consecutive Super Bowl victories, the Kansas City Chiefs struggle to protect their star quarterback, Smith could be the solution.
– If unable to secure Smith, Cowboys must tackle the priority of extending key player contracts while managing salary cap restrictions.

Tyron Smith, esteemed Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle, could soon find a fresh start with a new team as the free agency period beckons. Smith, a consistent performer and reputable figure in the sport, faces the prospect of a departure from the Cowboys as the new league year begins on March 13.

Smith’s Remarkable Performance

Smith, aged 33, marked a memorable 2023 campaign with only one sack surrendered during his 847 snaps, as highlighted by Pro Football Focus. Such consistency and dominance put Smith among the most coveted free agents, particularly if the Cowboys fail to re-sign him before the deadline.

Kansas City Chiefs: A Potential New Home?

Meanwhile, Kansas City Chiefs, even after securing two consecutive Super Bowl victories, struggle to guard their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. The reigning champions view Smith as a potential asset, making him their best fit this off-season, as suggested by ESPN.

Despite past concerns over Smith’s availability due to his missing 33 games over the past four seasons, his proven technique and physical strength make him a prime candidate. ESPN’s Matt Bowen writes, “Smith provides a clear upgrade for the Chiefs as a left tackle, limiting pass-rushers and ensuring a clean throwing platform for Mahomes.”

Smith Versus Donovan Smith

Comparatively, the Chiefs’ current left tackle, Donovan Smith, allowed two sacks and 42 total pressures in the past season, as per Pro Football Focus. This is despite him winning his second Super Bowl ring. The Chiefs’ general manager Brett Veach could see Tyron Smith as a top-tier anchor to bolster the team’s offensive line.

Spending Patterns and Cap Space

Chiefs’ past trends demonstrate a willingness to spend significantly on veteran offensive tackles, even for short-term deals. Considering this, acquiring Tyron Smith fits their profile perfectly. Smith could demand a one-year deal worth around $7.4 million for the 2024 season, placing him as the 18th highest-paid left tackle in the NFL.

With a projected $15.2 million in cap space – before any veteran contract restructuring or departures of high-priced players, Chiefs have room to accommodate Smith. The Cowboys, on the other hand, are $19.7 million over the cap and might find the deal challenging.

Can Cowboys Keep Smith?

The Cowboys stand in a tough spot to not only re-sign Smith but also extend deals for quarterback Dak Prescot and wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. Despite their fiscal constraints, Smith demonstrates an eagerness to continue his career with the Cowboys.

A person familiar with Smith’s thinking told The Dallas Morning News, “Smith, the longest-tenured player on the Cowboys, wants to continue another season with the Cowboys.”

His consistency as an offensive tackle will make it difficult for the Cowboys to retain him without a competitive offer in 2024. Whether they can accommodate his needs amid substantial salary cap concerns remains a crucial question for the upcoming season.