“Love is Blind” Jessica Vestal Hints at Potential Romance With Show Co-star

Key Takeaways:

– “Love is Blind” participant, Jessica Vestal, hinted she may be dating a fellow cast member.
– She teased her fans on the “Viall Files” podcast, about the strong connection with this unknown person in the show.
– Jessica described her ideal man as being extremely tall (at least 6’2”), sporting a beard, and ideally with tattoo sleeves.
– She revealed that Jimmy Presnel, whom she had connected with initially, did not fit her typical preference.
– “Love Is Blind” Season 6 is currently streaming on Netflix.

Fans of Netflix’s popular dating show “Love is Blind” are buzzing with speculations. Jessica Vestal, a well-known participant, has hinted at a possible new romance among the cast members during an episode of the “Viall Files” podcast on February 29.

Peeling Off the Layers of Romance

Jessica, also a single mother, has set fan theories ablaze by teasing that she might be in a relationship with another “Love is Blind” contestant. She spoke of a strong connection she has cultivated within the pods.

“I can’t say. I’m still trying to sort things out right now,” she said. Jessica remained non-committal when pressed about the identity of her possible love interest. While she played coy, she encouraged the fans to deduce from the context clues, if they examine the cast closely.

The Element of Surprise

Jessica affirmed she holds her cards close to her chest until she is certain. “Believe me, the world will know when I’m dating someone. It’s going to be so public and so proud of it, you will know,” boasts the reality star.

In the face of vast speculation, she did reveal the traits she finds appealing in a man. Height is her definite preference, with most of her exes measuring around 6’4” or 6’5”. She also cited a preference for beards, and ideally, tattoo sleeves. However, she would settle for someone tall, dark, and handsome even if they did not have tattoos.

An Unexpected Connection

A surprising twist is that Jessica initially connected with co-star Jimmy Presnel in the pods. Ironically, Jimmy does not fit her typical mold, yet his personality intrigued her. Despite the connection, Jimmy ultimately proposed to Chelsea Blackwell, another participant.

Viewers did not see Jessica build relationships with other cast members in the show, triggering curiosity. However, she hinted that plenty was left on the cutting room floor.

With “Love Is Blind” Season 6 now available on Netflix, fans eagerly await the highly anticipated finale set for March 13. Who knows, perhaps Jessica’s hints might lead to a surprise reveal in the coming episodes. Stay tuned!


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