Fans Dispute Scheana Shay’s DWTS Casting Claims

Key Takeaways:
– Scheana Shay alleges she was almost cast in DWTS Season 32, a claim disputed by fans.
– Her accusations came to light after being passed over for co-star Ariana Madix in a “Vanderpump Rules” episode.
– Fans on Reddit suggested that Shay misunderstood the casting process for DWTS.
– The longtime casting director, Deena Katz, typically dismisses those who openly campaign for a spot on the show.
– Shay shared her disappointment during Heather McDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast.

Scheana Shay’s Unfulfilled DWTS Dream

“Dancing With The Stars” (DWTS) aficionados have questioned claims made by hopeful contestant Scheana Shay, who contends that she was almost assured a spot on the 32nd season of the successful show. Shay’s news created a buzz statement in the episode of “Vanderpump Rules” titled “Peaks and Valleys,” as she was passed over for her co-star, Ariana Madix.

Shay revealed her disappointment on March 19, 2024 “Yes, it was a punch to the gut; yes, I was disappointed; yes, I had a good cry,” she admitted. Her confession came right after she alleged on a podcast that DWTS producers had wooed her for months before opting for Madix.

Fans Voice Doubts on Scheana Shay

Following Shay’s accusations, fans headed over to Reddit to share their thoughts. Some suggested Shay misunderstood the DWTS casting process, while others questioned the validity of Shay’s narratives.

One Redditor commented, “This all sounds like ‘don’t call me, I’ll call you’, and she didn’t get the hint.” Another Reddit user queried the people Shay claimed had assured her a spot on DWTS. In the fan discussions, Deena Katz, the longtime casting director of DWTS, came up a few times. Fans stated that Katz has a disliking for self-campaigning contestants, suggesting that Shay might have ruined her chances by speaking up.

“Yeah, Scheana needs to stop campaigning now. I doubt she’s going to get it,” another commenter predicted. Katz, who has held her position for years, once stated to Slate that she reaches out to 90% of the show’s contestants, rather than them reaching out to her.

Scheana Shay’s Podcast Reveal

In a further twist, a number of fan reactions were sparked by Shay’s March 19, 2024, appearance on Heather McDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast. During the interview, Shay suggested fans didn’t witness the full narrative of her DWTS discussions. Shay explained that she was present at the DWTS season 31 finale and was approached by producers and a costume designer who expressed surprise that she hadn’t yet appeared in the show.

According to Shay, the producers told her they were considering her for casting and stayed in touch for several months. Anticipating a positive result, Shay took dance classes. However, in a turnaround, a year later in March 2023, just as Madix’s ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval’s scandal made headlines, Shay heard from her “producer friend.”

The producer revealed to Shay that although her name was at the top of the recommendation list, the fallout from Sandoval’s scandal meant it would likely be Ariana they would approach. Upon hearing the news, Shay, though disappointed, professed to be “happy” for Madix. Despite the setback, she remains hopeful, concluding, “For months, producers are like ‘Alright next season, next season’.”