Top Education Official Carolyne Quintana Exits as NYC DOE Undergoes Division Restructuring

Key Takeaways:

– Carolyne Quintana, deputy chancellor of teaching and learning, is leaving the Department of Education at the end of this school year.
– Quintana’s division, overseeing approximately 2,000 staff, will be dissolved in a major shakeup.
– Despite the division dissolution, no layoffs are expected, confirmed by an internal memo.
– The restructuring will position teaching and learning resources closer to schools, according to Chancellor David Banks.
– Quintana’s resignation follows the departure of other high-profile personalities from the DOE.

**Carolyne Quintana Steps Down Amid DOE Shakeup**

In a significant rearrangement at New York City’s Department of Education (DOE), top official Carolyne Quintana is stepping down. As the deputy chancellor of teaching and learning, Quintana has been a two-year member of Schools Chancellor David Banks’ cabinet.

**A Distributed Approach to Education Resources**

Quintana’s exit isn’t the only change in the offing. Her division will also be dissolved. In a strategic move aimed at bringing resources closer to schools, Chancellor Banks intends to dissolve the teaching and learning division. According to an internal memo circulated on Monday, this shift is set to take effect at the end of the current school year when Quintana will exit her post.

The dissolution will have a ripple effect on the 2,000 DOE staff members in Quintana’s division. However, none are expected to face layoffs, according to the same memo.

**Praise for Outgoing Deputy Chancellor**

In his email announcement, Chancellor Banks took time to recognize Quintana’s contributions. He praised Quintana’s efforts in her role as deputy chancellor. Banks highlighted her work in implementing NYC Reads, America’s largest dyslexia screening program, her leading role in the Special Education Advisory Council and her input in the department’s artificial intelligence initiatives. He also acknowledged her leadership over the past two years and expressed appreciation for her partnership and friendship.

**Quintana’s Legacy and Future Plans**

Despite the recent departures, Quintana expressed optimism about the future of education in NYC. In her statement, she displayed faith in the work done by the team over her tenure. Quintana believes the impact of their collective efforts will extend into the future and benefit upcoming generations of students.

As for her next steps, a DOE spokesman declined to provide details but acknowledged her departure.

**Series of Departures at the DOE**

Quintana’s departure follows a series of high-profile exits from the DOE. Notable among these are the deputy chancellor of school leadership, Desmond Blackburn, and Anuraag Sharma, former head of technology. The latter left the department just before a significant technical disruption during a snow day last month. Melissa Aviles-Ramos, the chancellor’s chief of staff who led the schools’ work on migrant students, has also left her post.

Amid these changes, one thing is clear – a significant overhaul is underway at the DOE. Despite the changes and high-profile departures, the focus remains on taking teaching and learning resources closer to the schools and setting up students for a brighter future, as indicated by Chancellor Banks. He sees the dissolution and repositioning of resources as a catalyst to boost NYC Reads, improve math education, and set the course for students’ bright starts and bold futures.