Kelsey Anderson Talks About Possibility of Her Dad Being the “Golden Bachelor”

Key Takeaways:

– Kelsey Anderson, fiancée of “Bachelor” star Joey Graziadei, talks about her widower father possibly being the next “Golden Bachelor.”
– The “Golden Bachelor” series is a senior citizen-centric spinoff, with production confirmed for 2024.
– Mark Anderson, Kelsey’s father, received considerable attention and love from fans, overwhelming him.
– Kelsey mentions that the attention and ‘thirst trap videos’ about her dad have been ‘traumatizing.’
– A hint from Disney/ABC Entertainment Vice President suggests Mark Anderson as a potential next “Golden Bachelor.”

Kelsey Anderson confirmed on March 28, 2024, during an appearance on “The Viall Files” podcast, possibility of her widower father, Mark Anderson, starring in “The Golden Bachelor.” This senior-centric spinoff of the successful franchise, “The Bachelor,” is set to shoot this year, eyeing a fall premiere.

Dad as the Next “Golden Bachelor”?

Kelsey admits her dad going for the role would “be awesome,” but she believes he first has to feature on “The Golden Bachelorette.” This way, he remains relevant in the platform’s eyes. Regarding her dad’s dating life, Kelsey stated, “He is single. He’s only really dated one lady, for, let’s say, like a second.”

Fans’ Love for Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson first appeared to fans during Kelsey’s hometown date episode on “The Bachelor.” His family visit to New Orleans with Kelsey and Joey Graziadei turned him into an instant heartthrob. During the visit, Mark shared cherished family photo albums with his future son-in-law. Mark, who became a widower after losing his wife, Denise, to cancer in 2018, received an overwhelming response from fans.

Dealing with the Fan Spotlight

Kelsey remarked on the influx of direct messages that her dad received, stating it all got overwhelming for him. She highlighted that, “Literally, some of the ‘Golden’ ladies were like, ‘Put me along.’” The ‘thirst trap’ videos and attention that Mark has been receiving left Kelsey feeling “traumatized,” as she shared on the podcast. She later conceded, “My dad deserves all of this praise and love. He is an amazing dad. And he was an amazing husband to my mom.”

Open for Love

Kelsey shed light on her father’s willingness to find love once more, to fulfill the wish of his late wife. Shared Kelsey, “My mom always told him that she wanted him to find love if she ever passed away before him, and that she wanted him to be happy and have that partnership after her.”

Possibility of Mark Anderson Being the Next ‘Golden Bachelor’

Gerry Turner, a 72-year-old widower from Indiana, starred as the first “Golden Bachelor,” wrapping the season with a wedding to Theresa Nist. While the star of the second season hasn’t been confirmed yet, the Entertainment Vice President of Disney/ABC, Robert Mills, hinted at Kelsey’s dad as a future “Golden Bachelor.” Host Jesse Palmer also teased the possibility on the “After the Final Rose” special, leaving Mark smiling and nodding in response.

While it remains to be seen if Mark will take on the baton from Gerry Turner as the next “Golden Bachelor,” one thing is for sure — fans and ABC are already rooting for him. Kelsey’s revelations have sparked excitement and anticipation, holding fans on the edge of their seats. Whether or not Mark becomes the next “Golden Bachelor” will be worth watching.