Disappointment Surrounds Netflix’s Animated Reboot of “Good Times”

Key Takeaways:
– Netflix’s “Good Times” reboot deemed an affront to the legacy of the original show.
– The fresh animated series features controversial character depictions.
– Netflix is set to release all 10 episodes of “Good Times” on April 12.

Netflix Faces Criticism Over “Good Times” Reboot

The trailblazing 70s TV show, “Good Times,” that chronicled the life and struggles of the Evans family in the Chicago projects is back. But not in a way that’s satisfying for many. Last week, streaming service giant, Netflix, debuted a trailer for its animated reboot of the classic sitcom “Good Times.” Unfortunately, the trailer leaves an unpalatable taste, only earning disapproval and disappointment from many viewers.

Characters Garner Negative Reactions

The reboot introduces the subsequent generation of the Evans family. The family members, namely Reggie, Beverly, Junior, Grey, and Dalvin each have their new roles that seem far from reminiscent of the original series. The characters’ putrescent traits, including an infant involved in drug dealings, have provoked harsh criticism.

A Flashback to the Original Show’s Struggles

The original “Good Times” was not without its issues, despite being a beloved piece of television history. John Amos, who portrayed the firm father James Evans Sr., was dismissed and his character was consequently killed off after criticizing the direction of the show. This led to a rift with Esther Rolle, who played his wife, and eventually saw both actors leave the show.

Addressing those concerns, Amos expressed in a recent interview, “When the show first started, we had no African American writers…some of the attitudes had caused me to say, ‘Uh uh, we can’t do this, we can’t do that.’”

Impact of the Original Series

“Good Times” was a pioneer for showcasing a two-parent African American family on television. With its debut in 1975, it drew audiences from different racial backgrounds. Everyone wanted to see how the Evans family managed to stay afloat amidst adversity.

Comparison with Current Reboot

Unfortunately, the new reboot doesn’t seem to do any justice to the original show’s legacy. For many, considering this reboot a part of the classic “Good Times” would be deemed an enormous insult to the piece of art that the original series was.

Notably, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is among the new series’ producers. Comparing the situation to a possible violation of classics like “Seinfeld” or “Sex and the City” helps one understand why “Good Times” fans are taking such offense.

The Future for the Reboot

There are concerns whether the new rendition will bring about setups where “The Jefferson’s” ditch their “deluxe apartment in the sky” for a decrepit dwelling, or “Sanford and Son” start peddling illegal firearms. Many believe that Netflix could have definitely released the new series without tarnishing the good name of “Good Times.”

Netflix is set to air all the 10 episodes of the new “Good Times” series on April 12. However, judging from the trailer’s reception, the largest concern remains if the reboot will be able to tickle viewers’ funny bone successfully. Whether it can restore the “Good Times” reputation remains to be seen.