Upcoming Shutdown of Google Podcasts Paves the Way for Fourth Podcasting App

Key takeaways:

– Google Podcasts will cease operations on April 2.
– Existing users have until July to export active subscriptions.
– The closure will make way for Google’s fourth podcasting service, YouTube Podcasts.
– Google had flagged shutdown notices on the Podcasts site and app.

##End of the Road for Google Podcasts

The journey of Google Podcasts is coming to an end. Google, the tech giant behind the service, has planned to pull the plug on it as of April 2. Existing users aren’t left in the lurch, though, as they haven’t until July to export subscriptions that are still active on the platform.

The company unveiled this news ba in September, and recently, warnings about the shutdown have been well visible on the website and application of Google Podcasts.

##Google’s Third Attempt at Podcast Services

This represents the end of the road for Google’s third venture into podcast services. Google Podcasts followed Google Listen (2009-2012) and Google Play Music Podcasts (2016-2020). With this move, Google aims to consolidate its media offerings under YouTube’s brand, launching its fourth podcasting app—the YouTube Podcasts.

##A Look at Google Podcasts’ Journey

Over its eight years, Google Podcasts led an uncomfortable existence. Notwithstanding its long duration, it only thrived as a viable podcasting application for approximately half that time. The origins of Google Podcasts trace back to the desire of Google Search’s team to index podcast content.

This effort bore fruit in 2016 when searches for a podcast would result in a player embedded directly in the Google Search results. Although this mechanism was restricted to google.com and the Android search application, it marked a significant step for Google’s foray into podcasts.


Whether you’re a fan of Google Podcasts or not, it’s certainly been a significant player in the podcasting world. As Google moves on to its next podcasting project under YouTube’s umbrella, it will be interesting to see how the new service helps fill the gap left by Google Podcasts’ departure.

Google is yet to announce more concrete details about their upcoming podcast service, YouTube Podcasts. However, the tech giant’s history in the industry and its continued efforts in developing podcasting solutions show that they’re not ready to give up on this platform.

While the shutdown of Google Podcasts might be an end of an era, it’s also the beginning of a new chapter in Google’s ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality podcasting services.

It remains to be seen if the fourth time’s the charm for Google in the podcasting arena or whether YouTube Podcasts can effectively shoulder the responsibility of its predecessors.

As for Google Podcast fans, it’s a wait-and-watch scenario as they look forward to discovering what YouTube Podcasts brings to the podcast space. With Google’s constant innovations and advancements, YouTube Podcasts could very well be a game-changer in the podcasting industry.



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