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Brendan Penny and Amanda Schull Set to Star in New Hallmark Medical Mystery: Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home

Key Takeaways:

– Hallmark Channel regulars Brendan Penny and Amanda Schull will star in the new medical mystery show “Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home.”
– The show, featuring Schull as a former Army surgeon, is set to premiere on May 17 and is part of Hallmark’s focus on mystery content in 2024.
– Brendan Penny has had multiple roles on Hallmark Channel, while Amanda Schull has been a staple in both “Suits” and “12 Monkeys.”
– Hallmark plans to produce more mysteries in 2024, including rebranding their channel and reviving popular series.

Hallmark regulars Brendan Penny and Amanda Schull are set to star in the new medical mystery, “Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home.” This reveal from Hallmark Mystery is the first time that both actors have starred in a Hallmark mystery franchise. The new show is part of Hallmark’s 2024 line-up, with the premiere scheduled for May 17.

A Dynamic Duo Takes on Medical Mysteries

Amanda Schull will play the role of a former Army surgeon, returning to her hometown to join a family practice. According to the Hallmark Mystery synopsis, her character is drawn into a mystery surrounding the death of a patient, turning her quiet life upside down.

Brendan Penny’s role is yet to be specified. However, it’s common for male actors in Hallmark mysteries to play parts such as detectives, attorneys, or law enforcement officials involved in the case.

Penny is no stranger to the Hallmark Channel. He has played minor roles in various shows, starting with “Tis the Season for Love” in 2015, through to his recent projects such as “A Season for Family” and “The Wedding Cottage.”

Schull, previously seen in the popular series “Suits” and “12 Monkeys,” made her Hallmark debut in 2018 with “Love, Once and Always.” Since then, she has starred in a Hallmark rom-com each year, with her latest role in “The Blessing Bracelet” in 2023.

Hallmark’s Emphasis on Mystery Content in `2024

In 2024, Hallmark is intent on putting forth more mysteries. This is evident from the rebranding of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel to Hallmark Mystery. The media company aims to revive popular series and introduce potential franchises, thus adding to its mystery content.

This step is part of Hallmark’s strategy to bring distinctive content to the viewers. Lisa Hamilton Daly, Executive VP of Hallmark programming, expressed the necessity of emphasizing mystery content to differentiate from the romantic dramas that dominate the main channel.

The Rebirth of Former Franchises and Introduction of New Mysteries

Along with the debut of fresh mysteries, Hallmark Mystery is planning to revive former successful franchises. They have announced the comeback of the highly popular “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” series, featuring crime-solving postal workers, with two new films in 2024.

Likewise, new installments of recently launched mystery series are in the works, featuring famous duos like Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker in “Curious Caterer” and Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia in “The Cases of Mystery Lane.”

The first quarter of 2024 has already seen new Hallmark mysteries like “Crimes of Fashion: Killer Clutch” and “Gilded Newport Mysteries.” Moreover, the network plans to produce another “Hannah Swensen Mystery” movie, tentatively titled “Appetite for Murder.”

In conclusion, the year 2024 is set to be an exciting one for Hallmark viewers, especially for those who love edge-of-the-seat mystery content. The freshness of new franchises and the nostalgia of revived series, all combined, promises a thrilling year ahead.

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