“Home in a Heartbeat’s” Galey Alix Cherishes Two-Year Relationship with Dale Moss

Key Takeaways:

– Galey Alix, HGTV Designer, celebrates her two-year relationship with former “Bachelorette” star Dale Moss.
– The couple shared various moments through an anniversary video on social media.
– Both Dale Moss and Galey Alix have experienced failed engagements before finding love with each other.
– Galey Alix appreciates taking the initiative in reaching out to Moss after being moved by his podcast.
– Alix continues to work on several projects with HGTV while Moss is a part-owner of a high-end restaurant in New York City.

Galey Alix, a renowned designer renowned on HGTV, has celebrated her second anniversary with Dale Moss, a former “Bachelorette” contestant. To mark the special occasion on April 8, 2024, Alix shared a touching video that encapsulated their delightful moments together in the last two years [source](https://heavy.com/entertainment/hgtv/galey-alix-dale-moss-dating-relationship/).

Love Blooms from a Bold Gesture

Alix has recently featured in the forthcoming episode of “House Hunters: All-Stars,” which airs on April 11, 2024. She recalls how her love story with Moss began when she was impressed by his personality on a podcast and sent him a direct message. This daring move led to a promising relationship as the duo connected on a deep level after bouncing back from their respective, failed engagements.

From Fallen Relationships to a Fresh Start

Bouncing back from a harsh break-up in 2019, Alix found solace in Moss, who had previously gained fame from his short-lived engagement with Clare Crawley on “The Bachelorette.” The couple finally separated after a roller coaster of emotional events. As of the start of 2022, both Alix and Moss were keen on reinventing their lives, and as fate would have it, they found the spark in each other.

In November the same year, Moss expressed his love for Alix by referring to her as his “best friend and better half” on an Instagram birthday tribute. Now, after two years, the couple asserts that their bond hasn’t wavered and their love remains robust.

Sweet Anniversary Celebrations Stir Speculation

Alix’s anniversary video, filled with cherished moments of their journey together, received a warm response from their followers, with some already speculating about possible wedding bells. The exchange of comments between Moss and Tracy Taylor Ward, ex-host of HGTV’s “Freestyle” and a dedicated bridal event designer, further fueled this speculation.

Reflecting on Choices and Moving On

Juggling her HGTV engagements and personal life, Alix told People magazine that she’s thankful she summoned the courage to reach out to Moss. Unlike her previous relationship, where she drastically compromised her career and well-being, she remains resilient in maintaining her lifestyle and career alongside her love life.

While Alix is stationed in Fort Lauderdale, Moss splits his time between his love’s residence and his home in New York City. His hands are full with different roles including being a co-owner of the Carriage House restaurant, a fitness expert, and an aspiring actor, having concluded filming the feature film “31 Candles.”

In the meantime, although HGTV has not confirmed a sequel to “Home in a Heartbeat,” Alix keeps her followers updated with teasing glimpses of her filming around Florida, assuring them that there’s more to look forward to in her professional journey.



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