Jelly Roll Eyes ‘American Idol’ Return as Fans Advocate for Him as a Judge

Key Takeaways:
– Music star Jelly Roll creates a buzz with his successful stint as a guest mentor on “American Idol.”
– Masses of fans are vocal about their desire to see Jelly Roll as a full-time judge on the show.
– The departure of Katy Perry may provide an opportunity for Jelly Roll to become a permanent fixture on the team.
– Jelly Roll’s empathetic mentoring and rapport with contestants have won over viewers and contestants alike.

Following his captivating appearance as a guest mentor on the “American Idol” episode aired on April 8, 2024, fans are calling on ABC to make Jelly Roll a permanent feature. The “Save Me” singer has confirmed that he thoroughly enjoyed his time on the show, expressing his eagerness to return within the same season.

The “American Idol” Merry-Go-Round

News of Katy Perry’s impending departure from the series, announced in February, coupled with Luke Bryan’s confirmation about signing one-year contracts with the elder Lionel Richie has created an opportunity for a change in season 23.

Jelly Roll’s social media posts and new interviews corroborate his love and enthusiasm for his “American Idol” experience, hinting towards his active interest in consorting with more upcoming talent.

On the Ticket Ascent

Jelly Roll emerged on the music scene in 2022 after a decade of struggle, according to USA Today. After overcoming his life-twisting experience due to drug dealing and several prison spells, he adopted a brave stance against the fentanyl crisis in the U.S. His earnest plea in front of Congress as a witness to stricter laws echo his transformation to a committed artist and reformer.

His talent saw recognition during the iHeart Music Awards with the Best New Artist award in both pop and country genres. His mentoring of twelve contestants on the “American Idol” episode witnessed reactions and counsel for each participant, unfolding his natural gift as a mentor and garnering applause from fans across social media platforms.

The “American Idol” Phenomena

As Jelly Roll offered his insights and cheered the participants from the side stage, digital platforms got flooded with love and requests to make him a permanent judge. His authenticity and relatability won praise, as fans admired his ability to understand and advise the young artists on their unique struggles.

The pleas to replace Katy Perry with Jelly Roll were rife, with fans lighting up the “American Idol” Instagram account with their urgent requests. While he is slated for his first significant tour and award hauls, Jelly Roll has displayed an overwhelming affinity for “Idol.”

A Breather for “American Idol”?

Having been a part of season 21’s finale, Jelly Roll’s return felt like a “family reunion,” he disclosed to Access Hollywood. His faith in the contestants he mentored reflects in his prediction of a stiff competition towards the season finale. His enthusiasm to physically witness the finale instead of experiencing it on television surely heartens fans.

The announcement of the judging panel for a new season generally takes place in mid-summer, before the fall filming. This leaves ample room for speculations and potential scope for change or additions, as Bryan mentioned their year-to-year contractual arrangement.

Hence, Perry’s departure could undeniably open doors for a change that could see Jelly Roll on the roster adding a new dynamic to the show. However, ABC has yet to officially confirm any changes for the upcoming season. Until then, fans can only hope and request for their favorite mentor’s return.



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