“Rock the Block” Redemption Season Springs Surprise Finale: Season 5 Episode 6 Highlights

Key Takeaways:
– Twisted end to last week’s episode of HGTV’s “Rock the Block” where host Ty Pennington announced a change in the traditional pattern.
– Season 5 to have an additional round of competition, the 48-hour Surprise Bedroom Redemption challenge.
– The four teams will be the judges of each other’s final works.
– Bryan and Sarah Baeumler tied with Page Turner and Mitch Glew with two wins each. Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas are tied with Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis with one victory each.
– Spoilers for Season 5 Episode 6 Surprise Bedroom Redemption ahead.

“Rock the Block” is known for its scintillating home renovation challenges. However, last week’s episode went off the rails as Ty Pennington, the charismatic host, announced a dramatic twist in the traditional pattern. Every past season has inevitably culminated at the fifth week into the finale. But season 5’s redemption season is charting a fresh course.

Unveiling the Surprise Bedroom Redemption Challenge

Pennington orchestrated a meet at a warehouse for the remaining four teams. The surprise element? A final round of a thrilling contest- the 48-hour ‘Surprise Bedroom Redemption challenge.’ In this unique competition, the teams are set to be the critics of each other’s completed spaces.

Competitions With Parity: A Neck-to-Neck Fight

The contest is far from over, with the teams locked in an intriguing battle for dominance. Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, champions of “Battle on Beach” are matching strides with Page Turner and Mitch Glew, winners of “Fix My Flip”, both teams sporting two weekly victories under their belts.

In the fray, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas from “Bargain Block” are sharing a tie with Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of “Unsellable Houses”, each with a single win to their credit.

The Lucky Winners of Surprise Bedroom Challenge

As we proceed with the live recap for episode 6, we delve into the exciting conclusion of the Surprise Bedroom challenge. However, tread lightly, as the name of the winners of this challenge constitutes a spoiler. So, if you haven’t watched the episode, and spoilers aren’t your cup of tea, consider this your chance to look away.

‘Rock the Block’ fans, you’ve been warned!

Underline: Spoilers Ahead

We’re about to reveal the winner of the “Rock the Block” Season 5 Surprise Bedroom Redemption aired on April 8, 2024. So, if you have not yet seen the episode and want to keep the victory surprise intact, now is the time to back out.

An Intriguing Teaser

According to an Instagram post by @hgtv, the suspense of season 5 gets more gripping with the surprise bedroom redemption challenge under way, all teams sprinting to seize the finale’s glory.

And The Winner Is…

With respect to those who deliberately avoided the spoilers, we will leave a little space before revealing the much-awaited victors of the Surprise Bedroom Redemption challenge.

So, who actually rocked the block in this exciting twist of events during the “Rock the Block” Season 5? To find out, keep watching and stay tuned to Digital Chew for more updates on your favorite shows.

Until then, keep guessing, and may the best team win!

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