Zendaya Commends the Use of Intimacy Coordinators in Hollywood Filmmaking

Zendaya, a noted actress fresh on the heels of her star performance in the sequel to Dune, is all set to take on a new avatar in the forthcoming sports romance drama, Challengers. As she prepares for this transition into more adult roles, Zendaya has voiced her appreciation for the presence of intimacy coordinators on the movie sets.

The Need for Intimacy Coordinators on Set

Zendaya’s newfound advocacy for intimacy coordinators stems from her latest project, Challengers. Her co-actors, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist, also echo her sentiments. The plot of Challengers revolves around Tashi Duncan, a former tennis player turned coach, played by Zendaya. The narrative encompasses her journey as she persuades her husband to partake in a Challenger Tour that leads to a face-off with her ex-lover, Patrick.

Given the intense emotional and sensual content of the film, Zendaya appreciated the role of an intimacy coordinator to form a safe and comfortable workspace. She further revealed the team bonding activities in which the cast participated to build a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Zendaya, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, shared, “We had an intimacy coordinator, which was incredibly useful because feeling safe was crucial. I spoke with my co-stars to ensure we all felt at ease. We were part of numerous activities that helped us bond and created a comfortable atmosphere.”

Opinions Differ on the Use of Intimacy Coordinators

Despite Zendaya’s key endorsement of intimacy coordinators and their contributions on set, contrasting opinions permeate Hollywood. Renowned actors like Sean Bean and Jennifer Aniston hold divergent views, considering the presence of an intimacy coordinator unnecessary during filming.

Game of Thrones star Sean Bean argued that an intimacy coordinator might disrupt the natural flow of intimate scenes. His belief is that an intimate scene runs the risk of turning into a technical exercise with the involvement of a third person.

Offering similar sentiments, Toni Collette admitted that the presence of an intimacy coordinator made her more anxious, negatively impacting her performance. In a revealing statement, she disclosed, “They weren’t beneficial, so I had to request them to leave.”

Actress Jennifer Aniston chose not to employ an intimacy coordinator while filming intimate scenes with Jon Hamm in The Morning Show. She suggested that the input from a third person could heighten discomfort, asserting that their professional competence should be adequate to manage such scenes.

The Evolving Dynamics of Hollywood

Despite these divergent views, Zendaya’s support for intimacy coordinators shines a spotlight on the changing dynamics within Hollywood. The upcoming film, Challengers, showcases a stellar ensemble emphasizing comfort and safety while filming intense scenes. The much-anticipated movie is set to hit cinema screens on April 26, 2024.

Zendaya’s stance on intimacy coordinators seems to take precedence in popular discourse, reflecting Hollywood’s evolving stand on personal boundaries and safety. As the conversation continues, the film industry awaits to see how this approach impacts the natural spontaneity on screen and the overall quality of performance.


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