Zendaya Discusses Future Roles and Motherhood Ambitions in Vogue Interview

Key Takeaways:

– Zendaya reflects on future roles and motherhood plans in a new Vogue interview.
– The actress talks about her anxiety surrounding fame and fearing losing public interest if she limits her time in the spotlight.
– Zendaya also expressed pride in boyfriend Tom Holland’s return to the stage in a London production of “Romeo & Juliet.”

Zendaya’s Path to Mature Roles

Zendaya, renowned for her youth-centered roles, is exploring mature prospects in her career. The latest film “Challengers” by Luca Guadagnino sets the pace for the 27-year-old actress’s transition. As she said to Vogue, the new venture prompts the question of audience acceptance of her as a mature character. This marks a refreshing shift from her usual teenage and young adult roles.

Her Thoughts on Offscreen Motherhood

On a personal note, Zendaya is contemplating motherhood. The Emmy-winning “Euphoria” star shared her thoughts on the future she envisions for her prospective children. The inherent fame that comes with her career, she candidly admits, is something she wouldn’t want her children to face.

Zendaya’s Take on Fame and Private Life

The strain of maintaining a public image while seeking a private life is a topic Zendaya reflected deeply on. Formerly a prominent face on Disney Channel, she verbalized her underlying desire to further her craft while also having “a safe and protected life” with her family. Alongside her professional aspirations, her dating life with “Spider-Man” co-star Tom Holland since 2021, stands testament to this quest for normalcy.

Zendaya and the Quest for Balance

While Zendaya values protecting her private life, she recognizes the repercussions it might have. The “Dune” star admitted to battling “massive anxiety” surrounding the potential loss of public interest and acceptance if she chooses to limit her time in the spotlight.

The actress candidly expresses her complex feelings, mainly stemming from her very visible lifestyle. She articulated the realization that her professional actions, until now, are guided by familiar norms. However, these reflections are encouraging her to introspect more.

An Unexpected Teenage Phase

Despite her adult status, Zendaya confesses going through her own form of a teenage phase. This phase manifests not in the usual adolescence angst, but rather as a struggle to negotiate her fame, public image, and personal life. Her early rise to fame, which included becoming her family’s primary breadwinner, denied her the traditional teenage experience.

A Step into the Future

As to when she and Holland plan to progress their relationship, be it through marriage or having children, Zendaya chose to remain coy. However, she expressed profound pride for Holland who is preparing to return to theatrical work in a London production of “Romeo & Juliet” this May.

Though her roadmap to the future is still being formulated, Zendaya continues to balance her career ascension and personal ambitions masterfully. With further exploration, she is sure to discover the equilibrium between fame and a ‘semi-normal’ life that she desires.

In conclusion, Zendaya’s open reflection on her journey juggling fame, work and personal life illuminates the trials and triumphs she encounters, owing to her successful career. These revelations echo the shared sentiments of many in the public eye, proving celebrities too grapple with universal human concerns. Whether it’s her role choices, anticipation of motherhood, or her ambitions for a private family life, Zendaya remains a figure of relatability in the glamour-filled industry of Hollywood.



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