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Google Photos Opens Premium Editing Tools to All Users

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Key Takeaways:
– Google Photos is making its premium editing tools available to all users.
– The AI-powered tools include Magic Editor, Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light.
– Usage of these functions has some limitations for free users.
– Previously, these high-end features were exclusive to Pixel device owners or Google One subscribers.

Google Photos Extends Access to Premium Editing Tools

Google Photos has announced plans to extend access to its premium-quality editing tools, previously exclusive to Pixel devices and Google One subscribers. The tech giant is rolling out features namely, Magic Editor, Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Portrait Light to all users, albeit with some restrictions for those using the service for free.

Making Photo Editing Exceptional with AI

One of the significant highlights of this rollout is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) which opens a new dimension in photo editing. These AI-powered tools will operate differently on different photos. For instance, the ‘Portrait Light’ feature brightens up people’s faces in the picture, while ‘Photo unblur’ professes to eliminate any blur caused by movement or camera shake.

The feature that is receiving the most attention is the Magic Eraser. It allows users to circle an object in a picture, the AI then removes it, and generates a fresh background utilizing parts of the existing image. Now, these tools are no longer limited to a handful of users; they are now accessible to all Android and iOS users.

The All-new Magic Editor

In addition to this, Google Photos has also introduced ‘Magic Editor’, another extension of Magic Eraser. It allows users to not only remove objects but also to relocate them within the image. This feature lets users circle objects loosely, leaving the AI to identify and remove the encircled object and also to fill in the background where it used to be.

However, the current technology has its limitations. It is noteworthy that relocating an item doesn’t correct its perspective. Furthermore, Google’s examples demonstrate moving an object only slightly. The most user-friendly aspect of the editor comes when it generates content – the users can choose from several different solutions presented to them and pick the one that they find most visually appealing.

In Conclusion

Google Photos stepping up its game and opening up its premium editing tools to all users promises an exciting time ahead for photography enthusiasts. These AI-powered tools bring an advanced and user-friendly photo-editing experience to the masses. Whether you want to brighten up faces, remove blur or erase and move things around in your photos, Google Photos is set to make photo editing not just intuitive but nigh magical. While there are restrictions for free users, the idea that Google is making these powerful tools more accessible is indeed a positive move. Stay tuned to see how these tools evolve and what more they can offer in the near future.

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