HGTV’s Christina Hall will undergo surgery for an unnoticed infection related to an old dental injury

Key Takeaways:

– Christina Hall will undergo surgery for an unnoticed infection related to an old dental injury.
– Despite having no symptoms, Hall says the infection could potentially trigger other health complications.
– The HGTV star urges her followers to check their old root canals for possible infection.
– Hall has also faced health issues related to chemical exposure and digestive ailments in the past.

Christina Hall, the star of HGTV’s “Christina on the Coast,” announced that she will be undergoing oral surgery due to an asymptomatic infection that has been present for years. The infection was seeded following dental trauma she suffered as a teenager, highlighting the importance of periodic dental checks for such injurious incidents.

Dental Trauma Leading to Hidden Infection

When Hall was sixteen, she had an emergency root canal procedure on a back molar due to a dental injury. However, her dentist discovered signs of infection in 2020 via an x-ray of the old root canal, and she had it redone. Despite these measures, the infection resurfaced recently.

In a candid Instagram story, Hall revealed, “The infection came back…so I’ve had an infection that I have zero symptoms of lingering for years and years!! Pretty disturbing.” She plans to address it by undergoing ‘explant’ surgery.

She advised her followers, stressing the dangers of undetected infection, “Leaving an infection that long can cause all kinds of health complications. With no root, you can’t feel there is a problem.”

Myths Versus Reality of Root Canal Infections

The American Association of Endodontists notes that while it isn’t prevalent, root canals can become infected again. In most situations, patients undergo a complex endodontic retreatment to eliminate the infection and preserve the tooth. In some cases, however, tooth extraction and replacement become necessary.

Hall, raising awareness about this potential risk, urged her fans, “If you have ever had one, go check yours asap.”

While there are myths that infected root canals can cause illnesses elsewhere in the body, including cancer, these rumors lack supporting evidence. Nevertheless, the Mayo Clinic has asserted that untreated dental infections can spread to the jaw, head, and neck.

Christina Hall’s Prior Health Concerns

This upcoming surgery isn’t Hall’s first health battle. In 2022, she underwent an intense treatment regimen for high levels of lead and mercury that were detected in her body. She attributed this chemical exposure to the numerous rundown houses she has walked through during her tenure on the former HGTV show “Flip or Flop.”

In 2023, after receiving her test results from Lee Regenerative Medical Institute, Hall opened up about her high levels of toxicity. It revealed abnormal gut bacteria and parasites.

Despite suffering from digestive issues and autoimmune disorder side effects, Hall remains resilient. Opting for alternative medicine for treatment and initiating weight training, she expressed optimism, saying, “It’s pretty brutal, but I’m hoping at the end, I feel good.”

Her situation is a stark reminder of how health complications can lurk silently. It underscores the need for regular medical check-ups, active surveillance of old injuries, and immediate action on any potential health concerns.


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