Join the Casting Call for Tyler Perry’s Latest Netflix Venture ‘Beauty in Black’

Tyler Perry Studios and Netflix are on the lookout for enthusiastic and talented actors for their forthcoming movie ‘Beauty in Black’. The film has sparked interest as it promises to be another high-quality drama brought to audiences by the fruitful partnership between Tyler Perry and Netflix.

An Inside Look into ‘Beauty in Black’

‘Beauty in Black’ is the latest addition to Tyler Perry’s impressive oeuvre. The dynamic partnership with Netflix has been a rich source of engaging content. Perry’s new series, set to comprise 16 hour-long episodes, promises to be a drama of substantial depth.

Taylor Polidore Williams, renowned for her performances in “Divorce in the Black” and “Snowfall,” has bagged a lead role in this drama. She portrays Kimmie, a character battling life’s brutal realities after being rejected by her mother. Kimmie’s tale intertwines with that of Mallory, enacted by Crystle Stewart. Stewart earned widespread appreciation for her roles in Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” and “Acrimony.” Mallory is a thriving businesswoman whose fate becomes inextricably linked with Kimmie’s.

The cast of ‘Beauty in Black’ also boasts stalwarts like Amber Reign Smith, Ricco Ross, Debbi Morgan, and many more. Each cast member promises to contribute their unique touch to the narrative, making it a compelling watch.

Assuring Top-Notch Drama

Tyler Perry’s alliance with Netflix underscores his excellent storytelling skills. Under a multi-year first-look agreement, Perry has the freedom to write, direct, and produce content that aligns with audience preferences. ‘Beauty in Black’ is a testament to this creative partnership. The series is primed to deliver high-intensity drama reflective of Perry’s signature style.

The narrative is a showcase of life’s varied aspects. It explores themes like struggle, success, and serendipity. Kimmie and Mallory’s intertwined lives set the stage for displaying the complexities of human relationships and destiny’s unexpected turns.

Building on Past Success

Tyler Perry’s previous collaborations with Netflix, such as “Mea Culpa” and “A Fall from Grace,” have set a high standard. His knack for weaving captivating stories with relatable characters has earned him a loyal fan base. ‘Beauty in Black’ is set to be another crown jewel in Perry’s vast portfolio, promising a memorable viewing experience.

Looking Forward

‘Beauty in Black’ is anticipated to be an enthralling addition to Netflix’s library. Tyler Perry’s storytelling excellence combined with a top-tier cast guarantees viewers an engrossing tale. The release of this series is eagerly awaited by fans and new viewers alike, all set to be captivated by the intriguing destinies of Kimmie and Mallory.

Casting Call: Join the Band for ‘Beauty in Black’

Tyler Perry is known for launching careers, often discovering and showcasing incredible talent. Now, he is in search of fervent musicians to join the band for ‘Beauty in Black.’ This is a fantastic opportunity to break into the industry and expand one’s creative horizons.

The casting call is particularly targeted towards passionate musicians adept at playing various instruments. Enthusiasts must have a deep-rooted love for music and a commitment to making their mark in the entertainment sector.

The job location for ‘Beauty in Black’ is slated to be in Atlanta, Georgia. Applicants should be based in Atlanta or prepared to move for the duration of the project.

Job Responsibilities and Requirements

As a band member in ‘Beauty in Black,’ candidates will set the production’s tone. Their primary role involves providing instrumental music that accentuates and enhances the story. Applicants for the role should be over 21 but still maintain a youthful appearance.

While the compensation package for the band members has not been explicitly stated, it is anticipated that Tyler Perry’s production house will offer competitive remuneration.


If you are a musician looking to make your mark, this could be a big opportunity. Participating in ‘Beauty in Black’ offers a chance to work with Tyler Perry, a symbol of innovation and creativity. So, if you have the talent and the passion to make your mark in the music industry, apply now and join the band for Tyler Perry’s ‘Beauty in Black’.

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