Monica Garcia Teases Potential Return to TV with Hulu after Bravo Exit

Key Takeaways:

– Monica Garcia may be working with Hulu following her exit from Bravo.
– Garcia was fired from “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” after a social media scandal.
– Garcia hinted at the Hulu project during an appearance on “The Viall Files” podcast.
– The former Bravo star refused to confirm or deny potential work with Hulu.
– Hulu has previously acquired projects from Bravo stars.

In an intriguing twist, Monica Garcia, a former star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” has been dropping hints of a possible return to television. The speculation started during her appearance on the podcast “The Viall Files” on April 11, 2024, where she revealed she is expecting her fifth child.

Intriguing Possibility With Hulu

Near the conclusion of the interview, podcast host Nick Viall turned the conversation towards Hulu, a popular streaming platform owned by The Walt Disney Company. Garcia, despite her dismissal from Bravo earlier in the year, seemed to play along, neither confirming nor denying having a project in the works with the company. Hulu has shown interest in Bravo projects previously, making the scenario a distinct possibility.

An Amazon Live gender reveal was also discussed, leading to Viall asking Garcia about her knowledge of Hulu. Garcia’s response, filled with laughter, didn’t offer a clear answer one way or the other. Viall noted that Hulu’s official account had commented on a video posted earlier, further fuelling the rumors of Garcia’s potential association with the streaming giant.

Bravo’s Mistake, Says Viall

Viall was clear in his view that Bravo made an error in letting Garcia go after just a single season on “The Real Housewives.” He posited that the controversial star’s departure could lead to renewed scrutiny at Bravo. Additionally, he emphasized that Garcia’s surprise pregnancy would have made for compelling television, had she still been filming.

Controversy Led to Garcia’s Bravo Exit

Garcia’s departure from the popular reality television series was shrouded in controversy. On January 2, 2024, she was revealed as the person behind an inflammatory Instagram account that targeted her fellow cast members. Garcia’s behavior was confronted on camera during a trip to Bermuda, after which she was asked to leave.

The fallout from the social media scandal resulted in showrunner Lori Gordon confirming that Garcia would not be returning for the next season of the show. The decision came as a result of the strained relationships among the cast, eliminating the possibility of a trusting sisterhood.

Further substantiating the decision, Bravo host Andy Cohen explained that the necessary cooling-off period following the scandal, compounded by Garcia’s poor showing at the RHOSLC reunion, resulted in her exit. He shared that while Garcia had the opportunity to explain her actions, she fell short of rekindling trust among the cast members and the audience, making her continued involvement in the show an impossibility.

Despite the controversy, Cohen recognized Garcia’s undeniable appeal on television. He suggested that given time and space, she could potentially mend fences with her former counterparts away from the camera’s gaze.

As the rumor mill continues to turn, fans eagerly await any official confirmation about Garcia’s return to television, potentially with Hulu. Until then, the intrigue adds to the excitement of where the reality TV star’s next journey may take her.


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