Netflix Revives Georgia-Filmed Drama Series ‘Heels’

A Second Act for ‘Heels’

The once-canceled drama series ‘Heels’ is getting another shot at glory. In a bold move, Netflix has decided to breathe new life into the poignant drama series that originally aired on Starz. Known for its riveting depiction of the professional wrestling world, ‘Heels’ finds its silver lining with a second chance on a different platform. This remarkable decision by Netflix is a breath of fresh air for the series’ loyal fans who are ecstatic to see the show back in action.

Netflix’s Unexpected Decision

Netflix’s decision to take up ‘Heels’ took many by surprise. The streaming leader is set to keep the cameras rolling, continuing production in Atlanta, the original location for the series. The essence of southern charm expressed through the series aligns perfectly with the vibrant backdrop of Atlanta.

The Thrills Inside the Ring

The premise of ‘Heels’ delves into the intriguing rivalry between two wrestling-enthusiast brothers, Jack and Ace Spade. The series intricately portrays the struggles and triumphs of the brothers as they grapple with their father’s loss and legacy. This engaging combination of wholesome wrestling action and familial drama made ‘Heels’ a fan favorite. Despite the show’s compelling content, its viewership numbers fell short of Starz’s expectations, leading to the unfortunate cancellation of the series after just one season.

Netflix’s Rescue Mission

Notably, Netflix has a well-established knack for recognizing underappreciated gems. The platform has a reputation for turning once unsuccessful shows into ratings’ titans, ‘You’ being a prime example. Similarly, Netflix recognizes the untapped potential in ‘Heels.’ The drama’s ability to captivate a niche yet passionate audience caught the eye of Netflix, which made them step-in as the rescuer.

Atlanta: The Perfect Setting

Filming for ‘Heels’ will continue in the buzzing city of Atlanta, a beacon for the entertainment industry. An amalgamation of impressive talent, state-of-the-art facilities, and alluring tax incentives drive Atlanta’s film and TV industry to new heights. The rolling cameras for ‘Heels’ will further solidify Atlanta’s standing as a conducive environment for high-profile film and TV productions.

Anticipation Soars for Season Two

While the release date for season two remains undisclosed, fans’ anticipation is palpable. ‘Heels’ enthusiasts are eager for the triumphant return of the Spade brothers, played skillfully by Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig. Netflix’s decision to adopt ‘Heels’ also adds to Atlanta’s reputation as a film-friendly metropolis, promising a promising trajectory for the series.

A Winning Decision for Netflix and Atlanta

In conclusion, Netflix’s nod to ‘Heels’ is a significant win for the streaming colossus and an impressive boost for Atlanta’s burgeoning entertainment industry. Viewers can rejoice as they gear up for the high-octane drama that expertly combines the world of professional wrestling with complex family dynamics. As they await the thrilling ringside drama of the upcoming season, one thing is evident – ‘Heels’ may have taken a hit but it’s far from being out of the match. This revival spells a bright future for the drama, so stay tuned for more thrills and spills as it grapples its way back to the small screen.

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