Scary Movie 6 Greenlit by Paramount’s Miramax

Paramount’s Miramax, home of classic and contemporary cinema, signals the breaking of an 11-year silence. The Scary Movie franchise is set to make a comeback with Scary Movie 6, under the leadership of new director, Jonathan Glickman. This cult parody of the horror genre is slated for release by 2025.

Journey of the Scary Movie Franchise

Debuting in 2000, Scary Movie painted a refreshing yet tongue-in-cheek scenario on the cinematic canvas. Renowned director Keenen Ivory Wayans, famed for ‘In Living Color,’ led the creation of this iconic parody. The script was nurtured by a team of diverse writers that included Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Buddy Johnson, Phil Beauman, Jason Friedberg, and Aaron Seltzer.

Capitalising on this success, Scary Movie 2 was released a year later in 2001. Under the same director, the screenplay was elevated with additional contributions from Alyson Fouse, Greg Grabianski, Dave Polsky, Michael Anthony Snowden, and Craig Wayans.

However, a paradigm shift in the franchise’s creative direction was observed with Scary Movie 3 in 2003. Taking the director’s baton from Wayans was David Zucker, famed for Airplane and The Naked Gun. Zucker accompanied by Craig Mazin and Pat Proft, took screenplay duties. The same formation continued for Scary Movie 4 in 2006, with the addition of Jim Abrahams to the writing crew.

By 2013, the franchise had remarkably evolved but aimed at retaining its iconic appeal. Scary Movie 5 saw Zucker making way for Malcolm D. Lee to claim the director’s chair, with Zucker and Proft continuing their screenplay contributions.

Financial Scorecard of the Franchise

Scary Movie, despite its modest budget of $19 million, rocked the box office, grossing a spectacular $278 million. As the franchise advanced, larger budgets were leveraged, but returns remained impressive. Scary Movie 2, with a budget of $45 million, accumulated a handsome return of $141 million, whereas Scary Movie 3 even surpassed this with earnings of near $221 million against a $48 million budget.

Scary Movie 4, although produced on a relatively lesser budget of $40 million, pulled in a staggering $178 million. A hiatus ensued before the eventual release of Scary Movie 5, which reverted to a frugal budget strategy reminiscent of the franchise’s inception at $20 million. The decision proved fruitful, with the movie grossing almost four times the investment at $78 million.

The Road Ahead

Scary Movie 6 is confirmed, with its direction and scriptwriting team still under wraps. Fans will be all ears for further news, assured in the knowledge that their favorite franchise is set to return to the big screen in 2025.

As the countdown begins, fans can only guess about the plot and the possible parodies Scary Movie 6 may present. Will it uphold the series’ tradition or bring in a fresh twist? This is a question only time can answer. As the release date inches closer, the resurgence of this beloved parody will be widely watched by fans and critics alike.

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