Unprecedented Stunt Designer Credit Endorsed by SAG and DGA

Groundbreaking Change in Stunt Industry

In a first, the Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild of America have approved the inaugural credit of ‘stunt designer’. This noteworthy recognition is set to feature in the forthcoming David Leitch-directed film, ‘The Fall Guy.’

Treading a New Path

Renowned stunt coordinator, Chris O’Hara, is the first to be awarded this revolutionary credit. This shift aptly acknowledges the comprehensive breadth of the profession, including the creativity and technological nuances involved in designing and orchestrating film stunts.

The credit change was spearheaded by David Leitch and Kelly McCormick of 87North, the production company behind ‘The Fall Guy.’ Their objective was to transition from the conventional ‘stunt coordinator’ title to a more fitting ‘stunt designer.’

Shining Spotlight on Creative Brilliance

Leitch was supportive of the revised title, underscoring the creative authority stunt designers hold in choreographing fight sequences, planning high falls and more. Following Universal’s sanction to advocate for O’Hara’s new title, Leitch hopes this transition will boost recognition within the stunts industry.

Supporting Leitch’s sentiment, McCormick underscored the extensive yet often unsung influence of the stunts department. Adding ‘designer’ to O’Hara’s title was aimed at illustrating his creative contribution to ‘The Fall Guy.’

Setting an Industry Benchmark

Recognizing the magnitude of this amendment, O’Hara celebrated this long-awaited correction that shines a spotlight on the true nature of their work. He hopes this achievement will establish a new norm, appreciating the innovation of stunts professionals industry-wide.

This change has sparked hopes of broader industry recognition. It could pave the way to a dedicated stunt category at the Academy Awards – a request long desired by proficient professionals in the sector.

Glorying Real Stunts in ‘The Fall Guy’

‘The Fall Guy’ features Ryan Gosling as Colt Seavers, an experienced stuntman. The film’s commitment to the stunt industry is commendable. A consensus that computer-simulated action is no match for authentic stunts is echoed throughout the movie.

Film reviewer Chris Bumbray lauded ‘The Fall Guy’, describing it as an entertaining summer action flick and a homage to the stunt industry. His review underscored the need for extensive recognition of stunt professionals’ contributions. The film is scheduled to release on May 3rd, with anticipation already surging.

The Aftermath

As the film world pivots towards greater acknowledgment of stunt professionals, the overall effect of this innovative change remains unseen. But there’s no denying this development brings a new angle to the narrative of the stunt industry, establishing an unprecedented standard for the sector.

Without a doubt, this is just the beginning of an exciting future for stunt professionals worldwide. By positioning them in the limelight, it recognizes their critical contributions and nudges the industry towards more inclusive acknowledgment of its practitioners.

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