Katy Perry Advocates for Jelly Roll as Her Successor on ‘American Idol’

Key Takeaways:

– Katy Perry endorses Jelly Roll as her potential successor on the judging panel of “American Idol.”
– Perry is winding up her “American Idol” tenure to concentrate on her music.
– Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, Perry’s fellow judges, reveal that discussions on her replacement are ongoing.

Pop Icon, Katy Perry, who is wrapping up her stint as a judge on “American Idol,” has tipped country star, Jelly Roll, as the ideal candidate to fill her shoes. This suggestion follows Jelly Roll’s stellar performance as a mentor during the show’s Hawaii round.

A Possible Star on the Judge’s Seat

Perry aired her admiration for Jelly Roll during an interview with E! News shared on April 16, 2024. Reflecting on his mentorship during the show’s Hawaii round, she spoke highly of Roll’s potential to fit perfectly in the judge’s position. In consonance with Perry’s sentiments, the fans gave glowing feedback upon Jelly Roll’s appearance on the show.

Despite this, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, Perry’s fellow judges, disclosed that the decision on Perry’s successor has not been concluded and conversations are in progress.

A Farewell Suprise

Much to the surprise of fans, Perry revealed in February her decision to leave the “American Idol” judging panel after seven years. As she shifts her focus to her music, she hinted at an upcoming album and a world tour. Interestingly, after proposing Jelly Roll as her replacement in a post-show interview, Perry was all praises for him.

Jelly Roll’s Rising Stardom

Jelly Roll, at age 39, ascended the ladder of stardom in 2023 following numerous years spent in the music industry. His 2023 album, “Whitsitt Chapel,” earned him various major nominations and awards, including two Grammy nods, numerous People’s Choice Awards, and the Best New Artist Awards in both pop and country at the iHeart Music Awards.

Following his mentorship of 12 contestants on the show’s episode in Hawaii, fans inundated social media platforms with requests for ABC to hire him full-time. Jelly Roll expressed via a tweet his fondness for the show and the potential of returning to it in the future.

Filling Big Shoes

In the meantime, Perry’s co-stars assert that her replacement is yet to be determined. Lionel Richie confessed to having a couple of potential candidates while emphasizing the importance of a good sense of humor. Luke Bryan, on the other hand, acknowledged the challenge ABC would face in finding a suitable replacement for Perry.

As for Perry’s criteria for her replacement—truthfulness topped the list. She expressed her hope for a successor who is not afraid to portray honesty gracefully. Despite her departure, Perry did not close the door completely on “American Idol.” She even expressed her desire for someone to “keep my seat warm,” hinting at a potential return to the show in the future. Richie affirmed that Perry would always be welcome back to the show, as she had created a family atmosphere on set.

Despite uncertainty over her replacement, Katy Perry leaves a lasting legacy on “American Idol,” with the potential of a triumphant return. The position she leaves vacant presents an exciting opportunity for a new star to emerge and carry on the tradition of the show.


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