Paving the Way for Electric Vehicles: Google Maps to Display Live EV Charger Status

Key Takeaways:

– Google Maps is set to unroll a feature providing live status updates on EV chargers.
– This information will initially be accessible to EVs that have Google Maps built into their system.
– Following the cars, smartphones will subsequently receive the update.

Google Maps is preparing to roll out a new feature improving usability for electric vehicle (EV) drivers worldwide. The platform will soon give users access to live status updates on electric vehicle chargers.

Revolutionizing EV Navigation

Two years ago, Google Maps introduced an option that allowed users to select different powertrain types when plotting their routes, such as gas, hybrid and electric. However, the missing piece of the puzzle for most EV drivers is information about EV charging stations— their locations, speeds and functionality. Given the upcoming Google Maps update, this crucial information will soon be at the tips of users’ fingers.

Understanding the importance of accurate and current status findings for EV drivers, Google Maps is adding a layer that displays live status updates for EV chargers. This information is typically available through the on-board navigation system in EVs, which communicates with the powertrain to ascertain the battery’s current charge status and the expected level upon arrival at a charging station.

Empowering EV Drivers with Real-Time Updates

Presently, numerous EV drivers prefer to stick with their vehicle’s built-in system primarily due to its real-time updates on charger availability and functionality. This system assists in planning and adjusting routes based on the status of charging stations.

Google Maps already powers the built-in navigation systems for numerous EVs from leading manufacturers like Ford, Honda, General Motors, Volvo, Polestar, and soon, Porsche. Google has indicated that these vehicles will be the first to receive the forthcoming update.

Following its introduction in these cars, the update will also be launched on smartphones. This phased rollout is likely to help Google ensure the update’s effectiveness while catering to an extensive user-base comprising numerous EV users worldwide.

The Big Picture

This update is yet another stride towards a greener, more sustainable future. By aiding EV drivers in finding and using charging stations effectively, Google Maps is not just making eco-friendly choices more convenient, it is also encouraging more drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

Furthermore, the incorporation of this update into smartphones signifies the increasing integration of connected devices into everyday automotive use. As the world of personal transport becomes more digitized, drivers will continue to rely on technology to make their journeys more efficient and eco-friendly.

At this stage, Google hasn’t announced an exact date for the update’s global rollout for either cars or smartphones. But, the tech giant confirmed it will be introduced gradually across both platforms in the coming months. Electric vehicle drivers everywhere will undoubtedly welcome this innovation as it will simplify their journeys and take a load off their minds while on unfamiliar routes.


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