Teen Acting Talents Sought for Upcoming Prevention Campaign

An Unprecedented Opportunity for Young Artists

Project Casting, renowned for producing powerful public service announcements, has recently announced a unique opportunity for teenage actors. The organization is currently in search of skilled adolescents for their upcoming Teen Prevention Campaign PSA. This exclusive call for casting aims to highlight young talent in a nationwide service campaign oriented towards spreading messages of prevention and awareness. This opportunity provides not just exposure and networking possibilities, but also serves as a fantastic springboard for young actors to embark on their journey in the entertainment sphere.

Seeking Dynamic Young Performers

This casting call is open to male and female performers between 12 and 15 years old. The individuals chosen will skillfully represent the sensitive and compelling roles demanded by the forthcoming campaign. These characters are meant to be relatable and emotional, making the campaign more impactful. The primary shooting location is Richmond, Virginia. However, accommodation and travel will be provided for cast members hailing from outside this region.

Your Role, Your Responsibility

Those selected for this life-changing opportunity will be expected to deliver a heart-touching performance. They will don the role of a young teen, tackling characters that invoke empathy and raise awareness about a crucial social issue.

Tips for Auditioning

The ideal candidates are teens aged between 12 and 15 years. Those wishing to participate should submit professional or candid photos, date of birth documentation, full name, location, and contact information. If possible, a video showcasing their acting abilities could also be submitted.

Rewarding the Best

Actors fortunate enough to be selected will receive a sizable compensation of $2,500. This amount includes a two-day shooting schedule and usage fees. This could be the financial reward that budding artists crave as they lay a strong foundation for their future career in the industry.

Benefits Beyond the Paycheck

This casting call from Project Casting offers far more than a substantial paycheck. It also promises a wealth of experiences, mentorship, and opportunities for networking. Teen actors will gain a sneak peek into the professional world of entertainment, which will immensely aid their growth path.

A Cultivating Platform for Social Change

Participating in Project Casting’s Teen Prevention Campaign PSA is not only a fantastic acting experience, but it also allows young artists to contribute to meaningful social change. It underscores how budding talent can be harnessed to effect positive change in society.

Final Words

All interested teen actors are strongly urged to grab this exceptional opportunity served by Project Casting. The blend of career advancement and social awareness makes this a not-to-miss chance for aspiring young talents aiming to leave a substantial impact in the world. Brace yourself and answer this call; your time to shine awaits!

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