Western Digital To Unveil World’s First 4TB SD Card

Key Takeaways:
– Western Digital is set to introduce the world’s first 4TB SD card.
– The SD card maintains the Secure Digital Ultra Capacity (SDUC) standard.
– It targets complex media and entertainment workflows like high-resolution video.
– The card supports maximum theoretical transfer rates of up to 104MB per second.

Western Digital Announces New SDUC-Standard 4TB SD Card

Renowned storage firm, Western Digital, has made early plans to debut a game-changing 4TB SD card to the world. The company, famous for its SanDisk brand, revealed on Thursday the ground-breaking product can be expected next year.

Perfect for High-End Media Workflows

The colossal 4TB SD card will not merely boost storage capacity, but it is specifically tailor-made to enrich and simplify complex media and entertainment workflows. These include high-resolution video production with high-frame rates operating on high-end cameras and laptops.

Utilizing the Ultra High-Speed-1 Interface

To ensure that this hefty storage capacity does not compromise speed, Western Digital’s 4TB SD card will employ the Ultra High-Speed-1 (UHS-1) bus interface. This allows for maximum theoretical transfer rates of an impressive 104MB per second.

Guaranteed Minimum Write Speeds

It’s not all about transfer rates, though. The 4TB card also ensures reliable write speeds. According to AnandTech, the card will support minimum write speeds of 10 MB/s. Additionally, consumers can anticipate minimum sequential write speeds achieving as high as 30 MB/s.

Groundbreaking Release by Western Digital

The announcement of Western Digital’s 4TB SD card has set the storage world abuzz with anticipation. Being the first of its kind, the SD card stands to revolutionize not only storage capacities but how complex media and entertainment workflows are handled. High-end productions can look forward to eased operations, swifter workflows, and improved efficiency.

Built on the Secure Digital Ultra Capacity (SDUC) compliant to the SD Association’s standard, the 4TB SD card signifies a milestone in external storage innovation. This leap allows for more expansive data management, opening up a multitude of possibilities in the media and entertainment industry.


In conclusion, as the digital world continues to evolve rapidly, having sufficient and reliable storage is paramount. Western Digital’s upcoming 4TB SD card, powered by its renowned SanDisk brand, is a promising solution contributing significant advancements in the digital storage realm. With its fusion of high capacity and speed, it is indeed a game-changing innovation that many will eagerly await.


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