X-Men ’97 Episode Offers Hint of Chris Evans Captain America Comeback

X-Men ’97, the Marvel’s animated series, is gathering steam. The recent episode puts a formidable enemy on display. We see a remarkable insectoid Sentinel turning Genosha into rubble. The attack leads to the untimely death of several mutants. Marvel has augmented the episode’s intensity with a compelling teaser. It promises significant developments in forthcoming episodes.

Cassandra Nova’s Possible Antagonistic Stance

Theories among the fans have started brewing about potential antagonists for the remaining season. Cassandra Nova, a fan-favorite character, is believed to take this role. This potential antagonist’s appearance is expected to recur in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) crossover with Deadpool & Wolverine.

However, alluding to a potential surprise in the series, the teaser implies an unexpected MCU appearance. Such an event could have hefty implications on the expansive Marvel multiverse.

Speculation of Captain America’s MCU Return

The X-Men ’97 teaser reveals an icy landscape and a shield plunging from the sky. Zealot fans were quick to identify the shield as Captain America’s. The scene evokes the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer and suggests a multiverse threat – Cassandra Nova. The premise indicates Deadpool, along with Wolverine, may have a face-off with this threat across the multiverse.

Chris Evans Captain America character could return through X-Men ’97. This plot could take the storyline directly into Secret Wars or Deadpool & Wolverine. It could introduce Mr. Sinister to the MCU. He has prominently featured in this season and is believed to be the main antagonist in the upcoming Mutants MCU phase.

All-Out Mutant War in the Offing?

The recently aired X-Men ’97 episode indicates the series is far from slowing down. Deadly eliminations of several high-profile characters suggest the series could be setting the stage for a full-scale mutant war. Fans anxiously await the next episode, hoping for such a storyline.

Opinions circulate that X-Men ’97 could link directly to Deadpool & Wolverine, following an established MCU pattern. Generally, all mutant characters appearing in the MCU integrate their X-Men: The Animated Series features with Fox Studios’ X-Men versions. This approach has already been seen with Kelsey Grammer’s Beast in The Marvels and Sir Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Exciting Times Ahead for Marvel Fans

X-Men ’97 is available on Disney+. The upcoming menus of the series have spiked curiosity across the fandom. All signs point to a tantalizing future for this Marvel series. Whether these theories hold true remains to be seen, but one thing is clear. With each episode, X-Men ’97 is bringing radical changes to the Marvel universe, and there’s a lot more in store.


In short, the latest developments in Marvel’s X-Men ’97 series are setting the stage for some thrilling plotlines and surprising character returns, much to the delight of Marvel fans. With teasers hinting at action-packed episodes full of climactic battles and intriguing crossovers, audiences are eagerly anticipating what’s next in this thrilling saga.

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