Lyft’s Commercial Casting Call: All Details You Need to Know

Lyft, the globally recognized ride-hailing giant, is embarking on a talent search. Setting sights on a new promotional path, the company is on the prowl for exceptional individuals ready to leap into the commercial acting world.

Diving Deep into the Details

The entertainment industry is a sprawling realm packed with potential, and an opportunity just availed itself. This could be your breakthrough if you’ve always dreamt of flaunting your acting expertise in a commercial. Lyft’s doors are now wide open for any inclined individuals to showcase their talent.

Diverse Roles Awaiting Talent

As part of its expanding market strategy, Lyft is aiming to create a captivating video advertisement. The company is on the hunt for enthusiastic, extraordinary and professional individuals from all walks of life. The advertisement presents a range of roles, encapsulating the experiences of ardent Lyft users to everyday urban dwellers.

A Casting Call for All Americans

Regardless of your location in the USA, this opportunity is open to all. However, only legal American citizens can partake in the casting call. The city or state you reside in doesn’t stand as a barrier to entering this audition.

Your Role and Responsibilities

Once you snag this fantastic opportunity, you’ll be expected to star in a Lyft commercial. This involves effectively portraying emotions and story arcs. The responsibility of convincingly embodying the assigned role, whether it’s an avid Lyft rider or just a city dweller, comes with the job.

Eligibility Criteria

Promoting diversity is essential for Lyft, and so individuals from varied backgrounds are encouraged to apply. However, there are some stipulations. You must be 18 years or more and hold valid American citizenship. While membership in actor unions like the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists is an asset, it’s not obligatory. Alongside these broad criteria, acting skills are a must. Notably, chosen individuals will undergo a COVID-19 test ensuring everyone’s safety.

Compensation Package

By obtaining a role in this venture, you get to earn generous remuneration while making a name in the acting industry. For each day on set, you can pocket $750. Moreover, those successfully making the final edit will rake in an additional $2,000. Don’t worry about travel and accommodation; Lyft’s got it covered.


An opportunity to prove your acting talent in front of a large audience, that’s what Lyft’s commercial casting call offers. It’s an enticing deal, with diverse roles and an attractive compensation package.

If you can deliver what Lyft is looking for, don’t waste any more time. Prepare your best audition piece and maximize this golden opportunity.

Showcase your abilities with this multinational ride-hailing brand on the front line. Let your talent light up the stories of everyday commuting while earning a decent paycheck. Aim for the spotlight and cinch a role in this exceptional casting call from Lyft. Do not let this chance slip by. Send your application now!

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