Florida GOP Leader Apologizes for Hotel Damage, Admits Struggle with Alcoholism

Key Takeaways:
– George Riley, the executive director of Florida’s Republican Party apologizes for being excessively drunk and causing damage at a hotel in Kissimmee.
– He admitted struggling with alcoholism and mental health issues and pledged to pay for the damage.
– The incident followed the ousting of former party chairman, Christian Ziegler, earlier this year.
– Despite Riley’s apology, current party chairman, Evan Power, has not commented on the incident.
– Police located Riley at another area hotel after his sister’s worry led her to contact Osceola County sheriff’s deputies.

Subheading: Apology and Admission

Florida Republican Party leader, George Riley, recently apologized after his excessive drinking resulted in damage to his hotel room. As Executive Director of the state GOP, Riley, aged 43, expressed regret for the incident that happened in Kissimmee, near Orlando.

“I have been dealing with alcoholism and mental health issues,” Riley admitted in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. He assured that he will cover all the damages caused during his hotel stay and apologized to the staff. “I will be seeking help soon,” he professed.

Subheading: The Sunshine State’s GOP in Turmoil

This incident is not the Florida Republican Party’s first scandal. Preceding this event, early this year the party was rocked by the ousting of its former chairman, Christian Ziegler. Ziegler was investigated over a rape accusation, although police later cleared him.

Subheading: Incident Details Emerge

Riley’s unacceptable behavior was brought to light after his sister contacted Osceola County sheriff’s deputies. Her concerns rose from being unable to contact Riley, who she knew was travelling on business in Kissimmee. Riley’s family indicated that he suffered from a medical condition that required medication, although specifics have been redacted in the incident report.

In response to these concerns, deputies visited his hotel, where they spoke with front desk staff and two managers. They were told that due to Riley’s heavy drinking and the extensive damage he’d caused, including broken electric blinds, his stay was not extended.

One manager even reported that Riley consumed so much alcohol purchased from a hotel store that they had to restock. Subsequent to the denial of his stay extension, Riley presumably packed up and left.

Subheading: Tracking Riley

Utilizing signals from his cellphone, deputies located Riley at another local hotel on Saturday. By the time of their arrival, Riley was still under the influence of alcohol, according to the report. Fortunately, the deputies’ evaluation found that he posed no immediate risk to himself or others hence, he was not forcibly committed for evaluation.

As of now, the Republican Party of Florida is yet to comment on this event, further acquainting the party with controversy. This incident continues to be a developing story, and it is expected that the coming days will provide more clarity on the party’s stance on Riley’s actions and his future within the organization.

In the meantime, Riley is left to face his personal battles and the repercussions of his actions, which have brought him into fevered public light. His plans to seek help for his alcoholism and mental health issues, along with his promise to make amends for the damages, will be closely monitored by the media and public.



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