Joey King’s Versatility Shines: From a 28-Course Dining Debacle to Performing in Holocaust Drama

Joey King’s Acting Odyssey: From Comedy to Holocaust Tragedy

Joey King, the dynamic actress popularly recognized from Netflix’s The Kissing Booth trilogy, has graced audiences with a broad spectrum of noteworthy performances. Beyond her roles in blockbuster films, she’s proven her versatility in several captivating television characters like Hulu’s We Were The Lucky Ones. In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, King offered a delightful glimpse into her personal life and shared experiences on various film sets.

A Barcelona Dining Misadventure

In between shooting schedules for We Were The Lucky Ones, King and her spouse, Steven Piet, embarked on a romantic adventure to Barcelona. Opting for a famed local restaurant’s 28-course dinner, the couple signed up for an unforgettable dining experience which soon turned into a memorable mishap.

Contrary to their initial enthusiasm to complete the gastronomic challenge, King confessed to filling up by the 17th course. The post-dinner itinerary to explore Barcelona turned topsy-turvy as King fell sick. As she humorously related, her vacation was spent more in intimate acquaintance with the bathroom than with her husband. King’s hilarious storytelling, accentuated with perfect comedic timing, tickled the audience’s funny bones.

Connecting with Her Latest Role

While King’s humorous narrative drew waves of laughter, it intelligently softened the build-up for more somber discussions. Her chat soon shifted focus to her role in We Were The Lucky Ones, where she portrays a Polish-Jewish character during the Holocaust. King, a Jewish actress herself, builds her character drawing from a life-long exposure to Holocaust narratives.

King nostalgically remembered the impact of The Boy in The Striped Pajamas, a 2008 Holocaust-themed movie. This film marked her first encounter with narratives of the Holocaust. This deep-rooted experience is now complementing King’s performance in the poignant Hulu drama, adding a touch of genuineness to her character portrayal.

We Were The Lucky Ones: Stellar Cast and Release Details

In We Were The Lucky Ones, King collaborates with established actors like Logan Lerman, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Amit Rahav, Hadas Yaron, Lior Ashkenazi, and Robin Weigert. The series made its Hulu debut with three episodes on March 28, 2024. Subsequent episodes are set to release weekly, culminating on May 2, 2024, allowing fans of historical dramas and King’s gripping performances to indulge in a binge-worthy treat.

Looking into the Future

King’s career trajectory continues to impress. As she brings more remarkable on-screen performances, King constantly delights her audience. From her comic off-camera anecdotes to emotionally profound roles on screen, she exhibits a striking range. Despite the unfavorable memory emanating from her Barcelona dining fiasco, King continues to serve up vibrant performances, a real treat for her global fan base.

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