Ray J Files for Joint Custody Following Princess Love’s Divorce Submission

Ray J’s Counter to Love’s Divorce Petition

Rhythm and Blues singer Ray J, officially known as Willie Ray Norwood, has countered his wife Princess Love’s recent divorce filing. Records obtained reveal that Norwood filed his response on April 4, pleading for joint legal and physical guardianship of their two children, Melody and Epik, aged five and four respectively.

Pending Issues in The Divorce Proceedings

Norwood’s request for custody is just one aspect of this complex legal battle. He’s also argued that matters related to spousal support and asset division should be deliberated in the future. Norwood’s application suggests that the couple’s common possessions, including miscellaneous personal effects and jewelry, should be equally divided. The singer also intends to include his earnings following their unconfirmed date of separation in the calculation of assets.

The complexity of this situation appears to be amplified by the unresolved question of the couple’s individual assets and obligations. Furthermore, their separation date is not yet officially settled.

Financial matters involving this divorce continue to be intricate. Interestingly, Norwood has suggested both parties cover their legal expenses.

Previous Divorce Submissions by the Couple

This divorce filing by Princess Love isn’t the couple’s first rodeo. They have been in and out of court since their 2016 marriage, with this being their fourth divorce filing. Love first filed for divorce in 2020, only to withdraw her petition within the year. In an unforeseen twist, Norwood filed for his own divorce shortly after.

The couple appeared to resolve their differences by March 2021. Yet, Love would re-file for divorce in October 2021, pause again in 2023 on reconciling, and then re-initiate proceedings.

Aftermath of the Recent Divorce Submission

Love’s most recent divorce filing story has taken an interesting twist. The celebrity was spotted in a comfortable setting with well-known film producer John Boyega. After images surfaced of them enjoying a karaoke night together, rumors of a prospective romantic relationship started swirling. This development caught the attention of Ray J who took to social media to air his thoughts.

Living in the limelight makes it very hard for celebrities like Ray J and Princess Love to keep private matters out of the public eye. The ongoing divorce proceedings serve as a clear demonstration of this point. As the case unfolds, the ultimate decisions about custody, spousal support, and asset division remain in limbo.

Love and Norwood, currently caught in an emotionally tough situation, have stated their intent to maintain a positive co-parenting relationship for their children. Their primary focus right now is ensuring a stable upbringing for Melody and Epik. Despite the ongoing drama, both parents seem unwavering in their resolve to lessen the impact of their circumstances on the young ones’ lives.

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