Casting Call Announced for Young Hispanic Kids in Houston, Texas

Casting directors are throwing open the doors for young talent in Houston, Texas. They’re on a lookout for Hispanic boys and girls aged 5-6 to participate in an upcoming commercial/video project. The project, produced by Southwest Casting and Outreach Strategists, offers a unique opportunity for young actors and actresses to display their acting prowess on a professional platform.

Project Details and Role Specifications

The chosen child will take part in a single-day filming session scheduled between April 15 and 17, 2024. The role necessitates a proficiency in delivering lines of dialogue in both English and Spanish. Children who are bilingual will be given preference, but the opportunity isn’t closed for others. Even if your child is only proficient in English but can learn lines in Spanish, they can apply.

Job Responsibilities to Expect

As a part of this assignment, the child actor will be expected to meet certain criteria. They will need to deliver dialogue in English and Spanish as directed by the crew. They’ll also participate in rehearsals and accord with the guidance given by the director and other crew members. The child will also collaborate with other actors and staff to ensure the video project is a success.

Eligibility Requirements

Falling within the age requirements aren’t the only criteria to bag this role. The child must be available to film in Houston on any one of the agreed upon dates between April 15 and 17, 2024. Plus, it’s imperative that a parent or guardian accompanies the child on set for the duration of the shoot.

The acting aspirant must be eligible to apply for a Texas Child Actor Work Permit if not already in possession of one.

Compensation for the Role

The hard work and commitment shown by the young actor in this role won’t go unrewarded. They will receive a remuneration of $600 for their day of work. However, it’s crucial to note that this compensation is for a non-union role.

Don’t Wait, Apply Now!

If you believe your child fits the bill, don’t let this opportunity slip by. Join Project Casting today and give your child the chance to step into the limelight. This opportunity does not come often so it is essential to grab it with both hands.

Isn’t it exciting to imagine your young child having a shot at acting on a professional platform? Who knows, this could be their first stepping-stone into a successful acting career. This could potentially open doors for numerous other opportunities in the thriving Texas entertainment industry. So, hurry up and get your application moving!

Remember, by providing your child with this opportunity, you’re supporting their future and opening new doors for them. You never know – your child could be the next big thing in the entertainment industry!

The upcoming commercial casting call for young Hispanic kids is indeed causing a stir and gathering attention. This could be the significant break they need in the industry. So grab this opportunity for your child to work with professionals in the field and gain invaluable experience.

This could be the beginning of an exciting and successful journey in the entertainment industry. The young talent recruited in this casting call will be under the guidance of experienced professionals. They’ll learn and grow, giving them an unbeatable head start in their acting career.

This casting call is a great starting point for kids who dream of making it big on the big screen. Apply now and help your child take a leap into their acting journey – an experience they’ll cherish and learn from, not just today but for years to come.

In conclusion, it’s an open call – if your child meets the criteria, don’t hesitate to apply. The memories, experiences, and learnings they gain will be priceless, providing a perfect launchpad for their budding career.

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