“MerV” Film Project in Wilmington Calls for Twin Boys

Wilmington, North Carolina becomes the hub for a unique casting call from the producers of the upcoming film project, “Merv.” The production is scouting for male twins to play two distinct roles in the film. So, if you’re a parent of twin boys, and reside in the Wilmington area, read on!

Filling Unique Roles with Unique Talent

The casting directors are seeking African-American male twins with an age range of 3-4 years old. These twin boys will have the opportunity to portray a set of twins within the narrative of the film. What is unique about this casting call is the precise search for twin boys. They will both be on camera together, bringing a genuine dynamic to the roles they will play.

Scheduled Filming Dates and Availability

The film project is marked to begin shooting on May 16, 2023. It is essential for applying parents and guardians to ensure the availability for the whole day of filming. It’s part of the process as shoot schedules can vary unpredictably in the film industry.

Applicants must also be available to work as locals in Wilmington, NC. Unfortunately, the production will not offer travel or accommodation for the selected cast. It’s always crucial to bear in mind that showbiz often requires flexibility.

Prospective Compensation Details

The “Merv” film project commits to providing competitive pay rates on a per-day basis. These rates are entirely in line with industry standards. Furthermore, the specific terms of payment will be disclosed upon the selection of the suitable twin boys.

How to Apply for this Unique Casting Call

Parents and guardians eager to explore this opportunity for their twins can join Project Casting. This platform allows you to access jobs available for application in real-time.

Wilmington, NC and Twin Actors: A Perfect Match

Wilmington, North Carolina, provides an ideal backdrop for the filming of this unique project. As a historical and cultural gem, the location offers variable settings that can enhance the storyline of “Merv.”

Parting Thoughts

In estimation, this casting call is a fantastic opportunity that extends beyond simply the roles up for grabs. It presents twin boys the experience of working on a professional film set.

By participating in “Merv,” the twins will gain invaluable exposure and experience that may cultivate a path for their future careers in the field of acting. They’re bound to learn acting techniques, be part of vital set etiquette, and understand the elements that make a film.

Parents residing in Wilmington, NC, with matching requirements, don’t miss this chance for your twins. Applying for this casting call could perhaps ignite a future career in the movie industry for your little stars.

All in all, with its precise call out for twin boys, the production of “Merv” asserts itself as a unique venture. The film aims to harness the natural dynamics of real-life twin siblings, promising a genuine on-screen portrayal and a captivating storyline. Hurry up and apply now for an aspiring, enriching experience!

For more details, visit Project Casting Blog on https://www.projectcasting.com/blog/casting-calls-acting-auditions/merv-casting-call-for-twins/


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