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Mina Starsiak Hawk Opens Up About Her Turbulent Childhood

Key Takeaways:

– HGTV star Mina Starsiak Hawk shared insights about her difficult childhood on her Mina AF podcast.
– Her husband, Steve Hawk, described her childhood stories as fitting for a “horror book”.
– Mina expressed her intention to be a better parent and leave her dysfunctional past behind.
– She spoke about how she is using the good aspects of her childhood to raise her own kids.

Childhood Days in Indianapolis: More Than Meets the Eye

HGTV personality Mina Starsiak Hawk revisited her challenging childhood in Indianapolis on her “Mina AF” podcast. Discussing her early years with her husband and co-host, Steve Hawk, she reflected on the dangerous and abnormal living conditions she experienced as a child. Despite the difficulties, Mina acknowledged the adventurous times she had as a kid, admitting that she was oblivious to apparently harmful situations back then.

“I had so many fun adventures,” said the former “Good Bones” czar. This nostalgic admission left Steve Hawk musing about her tales fitting a “horror book”. Mina unpacked the turbulent experiences during the episode, “Normal Parenting?”, aired on April 16, 2024.

Living Conditions: From Warehouses to Makeshift Homes

Mina didn’t leave anything out. She spoke of the crude places she lived with her mother, Karen E. Laine, and brothers post her parents’ separation. This included living in the front of a warehouse in a grossly unsafe area and having eyebrow-raising “adventures”. Despite a falling out with her mother that led to their show’s cancellation in 2023, Starsiak revealed that their relationship is gradually improving. She affirmed her resolve to be a different kind of parent to her children, ensuring they wouldn’t face what she did.

During an intimate dinner date, before they were married, Steve Hawk remembered her saying, “I used to live in this warehouse.” Mina shed light on how her then stepdad had a restaurant business and that they occupied the front of his warehouse. The admission surprised Steve Hawk, leading him to think of her old abode as a “wonderland, but with knives and broken glass.”

Focusing on the Positive: Adventures Amidst the Struggles

Despite all the struggles, Mina tried to see the brighter side of her upbringing. She mentioned “adventures” her siblings and she experienced in the weirdest places, including a rundown outhouse and flooded streets, that made her childhood interesting in its unique way.

Starsiak Hawk also reflected upon how they would often find “treasures” on their escapades, only realizing in adulthood that they were ransacking the belongings of homeless people who stayed under the bridge they often visited. Excitedly, they would return home with multiple finds that they unearthed during their explorations.

Parenting Today: Learning From Past Experiences

After the termination of “Good Bones” owing to a fall-out with her mother, Mina took time to reflect on her tumultuous past. She acknowledged that her childhood was fraught with unconventional and dangerous situations. Now a mom of two, she’s determined to draw on the positives from her past in rearing her kids.

On her podcast, Starsiak Hawk expressed how she cherishes the spirit of adventure from her past and aims to imbibe it in her children, albeit in a safer environment. Recognizing the apparent shortcomings in her parents’ styles, she illustrates an empathic approach, “I think you get to a point where you can start seeing your parents more as just, like, humans that exist versus just your parents.”

Mina Starsiak Hawk recently featured in the premiere episode of “House Hunters: All-Stars” and is due to star in a spinoff about her new lake house’s renovations in 2024.

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