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NASCAR Shifts Gears with Hollywood’s Help: “Clean Air” the Upcoming Romcom

Key Takeaways:

• NASCAR collaborates with Hollywood to develop the feature film, “Clean Air;” aimed at broadening its audience base.
• The movie focuses on a rebellious female dirt track racer, Piper, her ambitious sports agent Lyla, and Piper’s father, the mysterious former NASCAR champion, Matthew Kyte.
• The appointment of ESPN veteran, John Dahl, as the new Senior Vice President (SVP) Content by NASCAR for content development across business areas.

“Clean Air”, An Attraction for New NASCAR Fans

To maintain its relevance among a younger generation of fans, NASCAR is turning Hollywood’s way. The organization is collaborating on a feature film titled “Clean Air,” a move designed to broaden its appeal and to resonate with a more diverse target demographic; primarily aiming to pull in the youth, and Hispanic fans, both within and beyond the US borders. The central characters in the film are Piper, a “rebellious female dirt track racer,” Lyla, an “ambitious sports agent,” and her estranged father Matthew Kyte, a former NASCAR champion.

A Unique Addition to the Sports Film Genre

“Clean Air” diverges from the traditional sports drama format. The film is closer to a lighter tone, blending racing and romance. While sports enthusiasts might have anticipated something similar to the F1-hyped drama “Rush,” or Brad Pitt’s upcoming movie “Apex,” “Clean Air” offers a fresh narrative, subtly geared towards a broader audience base. Despite that, the movie has drawn comparisons to an upcoming Formula 1 film, “Rapide,” which spotlights a 17-year-old speed enthusiast dreaming to become an F1 champion.

Catering to New NASCAR Fans

NASCAR is determined to expand its fan base beyond traditional audiences. This novel approach of leveraging a movie to attract potential fans underlines their commitment to growth. To further realize this goal, NASCAR has recruited John Dahl, a seasoned ESPN veteran with extensive experience in content creation. As the new SVP Content, Dahl’s responsibility spans across content development by NASCAR Studios and NASCAR Digital Media for various business areas.

The Influence of Digital Media on NASCAR

The rise of digital media in the sporting world has presented NASCAR with numerous revenue-boosting opportunities. Consider Dale Earnhardt, Jr. who has managed to build a multimillion-dollar multimedia empire, spanning traditional broadcast networks, streaming services, social media, podcasting, and online video. With more than 2.5 million followers N

New Age NASCAR Experience

As sports consumption evolves into a digital-friendly format, NASCAR races are now being viewed as a starting point. From a single race, a multitude of digital products, including podcasts, clips, tweets, TikToks, Netflix docudramas, and feature films, are born. The upcoming movie “Clean Air” is one such example of how NASCAR is capitalizing on this trend to engage with a wider demographic and provide a fresh perspective on the sport itself.

In conclusion, NASCAR’s recent venture into Hollywood highlights its adaptability and willingness to evolve. With “Clean Air,” NASCAR hopes to attract a new generation of fans while paying homage to its roots in car racing. The film also serves as a testament to NASCAR’s innovative approach towards balancing traditional sports with digital media. Whether the film will be a game-changer for the organization or not, only time will tell.

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